A Dandelion in the Gutter…

I was inspired to write this blog months ago when I was waiting at traffic lights here in Frankston, it was a warm day and there was a young girl waiting to walk across the road to the University. She crouched down, got out her phone and took a picture of a dandelion popping its little seed fluff out of a crack in the gutter. I laughed a little at how we now take photos of EVERYTHING and post them online for all to see and then it began to distill in my mind. I saw in that girl a desire to share an experience. Now 50 years ago if we wanted to ‘share an experience’ we’d have to physically visit someone or call them on the phone, I ask you – would you tell someone about a ‘dandelion in the gutter’ if you had to call them about it? Probably not. Experience is subjective, now with social media it becomes both a subjective and objective experience because we see so much through anothers eyes via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… What used to be a ‘small’ experience is made larger because we can share it with so many.

Is this a symptom of a global Awakening? I like to think so… We are moving towards a point in time where we will ‘wake up’ from the belief that we are all somehow different and separate from one another, to a full awareness of the common thread within all of us that is the same.

So how does social media work within this framework? It connects us in a way we’ve never experienced before, for now it is the ‘common thread’ joining us together and most of us accept it as part of our everyday routine. Of course it can be misused and often is, but as our discernment grows with our Awareness I believe we will balance this see-saw and arrive in the centre with a poise and elegance that befits our species – for I am one of those rare birds who believes in humanity, I believe in the good, the Light, the Love. I see so much beauty in my Instagram feed, so many amazing articles and blogs with words that empower and uplift the Soul, there are many of us out there… hooray for the Lightworkers of the world. Lovin’ ya to bits…!

So back to the girl and the dandelion in the gutter… Why was she looking down in the first place? Was she sad, worried, checking her shoelace? What made her stop and take that photo? Most people wouldn’t even have noticed the dandelion, but she did. To her it was beautiful, to her it was worth her time to immortalise the little seed fluff and share it. When she did that, she wasn’t just sharing a picture, she was sharing a feeling, an emotion, hoping that her tiny joy will spark the same feeling in someone else.

But I wonder if she realised how important that moment was to someone sitting in a car not 2 metres away… I doubt it, but then we never really know how our existence can impact another person, especially those we haven’t met. While she was experiencing the dandelion, I was experiencing her, experiencing the dandelion…

Think about that next time you see a dandelion in a gutter, maybe take a picture and tag me in on it…I’d love to experience a moment of joy through your eyes.

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