A Whispered Missive to the Moon…

Last night’s total Lunar Eclipse was giving us a kick in the rear to WAKE UP – evolve or fall behind. The middle ground is growing smaller and smaller, there’s no longer room for sitting on the fence as that boundary is dissolving. If you don’t know what your core values are, it’s time to get some clarity.

There were some clear messages that came with the eclipse last night. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus all meeting in Scorpio where Truth takes off its sugar-coated cape and replaces it with the scruffy poncho of reality. Mercury whispered in the Sun’s ear and the Sun was beaming that message directly to the Moon but with the earth nestled snuggly between them the message was broadcast directly through Gaia and every being on the planet. The Sun was speaking loudly and plainly through us with the help of Mercury, and Venus nearby calling from the rafters:

“It’s time to evolve, time to transform. Thank the Past for the hard but necessary lessons, you are now dissolving what you believed to be true and waking up to what is: TRUTH; the transparent honesty of it – with TRUTH nothing is hidden, there is no ambiguity, no doubt. You’re able to FEEL TRUTH in your body if you pause to sense it. You can finally understand that you are (and have always been) a receiver that can discern TRUTH from falsehood. There is so much to look forward to, so much to prepare for.”

The Moon in Taurus received this message unflinchingly as Uranus (the perfect antenna) was sitting supportively alongside, so the missive was fully absorbed. Uranus is known as ‘The Great Awakener’, the bringer of surprises, shocks, unexpected delights, and unfortunate curveballs. Be prepared for the wakeup call to be a loud one. Uranus is freedom loving, a true Libertarian, the message is received by the Moon and interpreted in this way:

“We have a direct line to TRUTH, we feel it, we discern it, we acknowledge it. We decide what we accept as TRUTH and what we let go of as falsehood. We value TRUTH, we value FREEDOM, and the Right of every individual to determine this for themselves without restriction. 


Saturn is watching all this from a brilliant vantage point, he is equidistant to both the Sun and the Moon (in a square aspect) – so he sees all the messages flying about and excerpts a restrictive and controlling influence on the proceedings. We will probably see a ‘doubling down’ of the authorities wielding their illusory power of falsehood over people, more scare mongering, gas lighting, general chicanery and the like. The difference this time is that we are waking up to their methods. They are like toddlers in grown up bodies – the definition of a narcissist – and they are in many governments all over the world. 

On the 23rd of March of 2023, Pluto begins the process of changing signs. There will be a shake up, we’re feeling it already. Pluto in Aquarius gives the power back to the people, there will be resistance but by the end of 2024 we will be living in a very different world. Now is the time to prepare, this eclipse is heralding in the change we want to see in the world. It’s time to look forward, and while we will never forget the wickedness and the offences of the past, justice will balance the scales through this transitional time and those that have wielded their societal position as a weapon over others will feel the sharp slap as karma comes to collect.

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