Arbah Healing

Arbah Healing session $50

Why would I choose to have an Arbah Healing?

An Arbah healing is especially helpful for those who have tried to work through deeply embedded behavioural patterns but are unable to progress past them. It helps to shift those persistent negative thought patterns that hold us back causing frustration and stress.

 What happens during and after my Arbah Healing session? 

Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, a segment of your aura is temporarily removed and infused with ‘codes’ with the intent that once returned (‘re-grafted’) they will duplicate throughout the aura encouraging change from the ‘outside – in’. Some people ‘feel’ the removal and re-grafting of the aura segment, others may feel nothing. As with all energetic healings, it’s best to have no expectations about how you may experience it.

It can be a quick process or it can take a little longer, it completely depends on how long it takes for the ‘codes’ to be placed into your aura segment, usually between 10-20 minutes.

The effects of the healing can take 2 – 6 weeks to fully integrate, the ‘codes’ will be moving throughout your aura during this time and you may notice subtle (or not-so-subtle) positive and perhaps unexpected changes to your inner and outer personality and feelings. You may notice that you are more patient with yourself and others, or that you ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to stressful situations; there is no way to predict this as each person experiences the results differently and in a way that is unique to them.

The energy can be accepted or rejected by the recipient; it can help to be consciously open to these positive changes over the 2 – 6 week period. The subconscious mind may resist the new personality traits so it’s important to be the ‘observer’ and be aware of your reactions and feelings during this time.

A Pellowah session directly after an Arbah can be beneficial to the process, and regular follow up Pellowah sessions may help to support you during the months that follow an Arbah healing but are not essential.  

How often should I have an Arbah Healing?

An Arbah Healing is usually done once in a person’s lifetime however, if the individual has progressed along their ‘path’ and experienced great change, a second Arbah Healing may be done.

To book an Arbah Healing go to my contact page or follow this link to schedule your own appointment: Times available

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