The natal chart is like a map that we bring with us when we enter the World. It gives us a starting point from which we can move forward into life with a conscious understanding of where we began the journey. Imagine being in the middle of a city you weren’t familiar with – without a map, without a conceptual frame of reference you’d have no sense of direction. If you wandered around enough you’d eventually find your destination but a map gives you a head start, it gives us context… The natal chart is a tool to navigate our life, it highlights patterns we may be repeating, milestones we’re approaching and opportunities for change and transformation. It gives us a snap shot of where the planets and their counterparts were at the moment of our birth and this gives us the ‘frame of reference’ with which to begin. The chart is not set in stone, it contains cycles within it that naturally unfold through our lives, giving us the opportunity for growth, change and great learning.

  • Comprehensive Astrology Consultations:   $200 ($180 for returning clients)

A Comprehensive Consultation is the best place to start if you’ve never had a Consultation with me before. It gives you the context you need to move forward and an insight into the lessons you came here to learn. There is a great opportunity for Self-discovery and usually some ‘aha’ moments.

In this consultation, we discuss your natal chart and what energies are moving around you currently, and if you’d like to focus on something(s) specific just let me know prior and we’ll work on that.

The session is taped and is approximately 90mins.

To book a consultation go to my contact page or follow this link to schedule your own appointment: Times available

All consultations are also available via ZOOM.

      • Annual Astrology Consultations:  $120 (returning clients only)

      Once the natal chart has been looked at via an initial Comprehensive Consultation, many people like to come annually to get an idea of what to expect for the coming year. I’d recommend this for around the time of your birthday as we can look at your Solar Return chart for the coming year and take a look at the planetary energies that are moving around you over the next 12 months.

      • Insight Astrology Consultations:   $120 (Returning clients only)

      A 1 hour consultation focusing on an area of your chart that you’d like to expand on or investigate. There may be something happening in your life currently that you’d like clarification on or perhaps just to ‘check in’ to see what energies are influencing your life right now.

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