Your August 2020 Stars…

I picked a card for each sign from the ‘Treasures from Tikashi’ deck, this month, it’s one of my favourites…


It’s been a bit high pressure of late, it’s time to release some of that and bring in some time to play, to have some fun. It’ll do you good to exercise your creative side, you might like to try something different to your normal ‘go to’ creative pursuit… If you’re normally inclined to paint you might like to try writing, or if you’re a writer at heart you might try cooking up a storm! There will be something you’ve always loved the idea of trying but you’ve just never given it a go, now is the time to do it. Surprise yourself, and most of all have fun with it, don’t make any rules around it, if you do be sure to break them!


Home is where the heart is or so they say… This month this adage is very apt for you, you’re feeling the comfort of home is just what you need at the moment. You may be feeling a bit edgy with a lot of nervous energy, you find it hard to keep still, but you can find peace and a sense of contentment at home. You find your focus is also directed towards family, they may need you to be present for them and seek you out, or you are in need of them – sometimes it might just be a hug or a video chat (and virtual hug) that you need…either way it will help to sustain you through these wobbly times.


Siblings, close friends, and communication. This month you are tuned into close friends and/or siblings, they often look to you for guidance but you have no idea why that is… it’s because you usually speak with a confident and reassuring voice and that’s what they need right now. You’re also very entertaining, and more so this month as your words flow and inspire everyone around you, you feel like you’re able to channel the thespian side of your nature, there’s a theatrical and colourful cadence to your expression that lights up the room – and you see the effect in people’s eyes, they are listening and entranced.


It may be time to ask yourself what it is that you truly want, what is it that you want to bring into your life – you can get very clear on that now, write it down, tuck it away in the back of a book somewhere and one day you’ll find it and read it and realise that now was the time it began to manifest. Clarity is something we all crave, it’s something that is often elusive to us especially at the moment, but that’s where ‘Trust’ enters the room, does a little spin and announces that “everything is going to be alright” and we can relax because we know that ‘Trust’ has it all in hand, phew, thank goodness someone does. Chill, everything is going to be alright.


It’s your time to shine, can you see yourself the way others see you? You’re the centre of your own world, like the Sun you shine, and people orbit around you. Sometimes you feel the need to perform, to put on a show, but it’s not necessary, you have a natural charisma that people are warmed by, no need to try and outshine your own light. You may want to reinvent your self this month, change your look, your style, or perhaps you want to change your own world perception – great idea – “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change” as Wayne Dyer said. The You that you see in the mirror will change along with the world that orbits around you, it’s a powerful thought and you are a powerful individual – be the change you want to see in the world!!


Don’t take life too seriously this month, let some lightness in as well – things are so heavy at the moment, don’t feel guilty about those moments of joy; you don’t have to carry the world’s problems, in fact you can help by making your little corner a brighter one. You may feel drawn into reliving past events and there may be some that you keep going over in your mind –it’s okay to learn from past mistakes and to consciously take a new direction or to recognise a pattern of behaviour that keeps cycling through your life but don’t invest your energy into the past, once you’ve acknowledged the issue don’t go over and over the same ground – rehashing what you did or didn’t do – practice letting go. It’s easy to get stuck in a ‘mind loop’ like a song that you can’t get out of your head – how do you fix the song? Play a new one!


Think big this month, look at where your focus has been lately and make a decision – is this where I want to be headed? If the answer is ‘yes’ then brilliant, keep at it, don’t let me stop you! If your answer is ‘no, I have other aspirations and dreams I’d like to manifest’ then take a moment to adjust your course and head off in the right direction – the direction of your dreams… You may feel hobbled by current isolation restrictions in your area, if that’s the case use this gift of time to adjust your mindset to align yourself with your goals. Reach out to friends and let them help you to fine tune your vision for your future, if you ask the right questions you may be surprised at some of the ideas they come up with.


You may be thinking about your career this month, or perhaps you’re about to ramp up that online presence and begin showcasing your talents for the world to see and appreciate. It may be that you’re just observing the world around you and considering your place and your contribution to this planet we like to call earth. You don’t have to think big, you can begin with your day to day moments, habits, routines, and use these to motivate yourself into a larger expression of yourself. You feel the need to communicate something important, something you believe will have a transformative effect if you could just express it in the right way… The right way is not always the fastest way, and it shouldn’t be shot like an arrow, big ideas must be offered in a gently, never by force. You are a Water Sign, you understand the motion of water and how even the smallest creek will find it’s path through a mountain.


You are fully embracing your philosopher archetype this month; you’re comfortable with the ‘big picture’ view of life and it usually comforts you to use a metaphor to make sense of a situation or event. You may be looking at online courses or books that will give you answers, but basically you’re looking for knowledge and Truth, you know that if you’re looking on the internet or the TV you’ll never find it… So where to look? Well there is the big question – where is Truth hiding? Why isn’t it walking around carrying a big sign over its head so we recognise it and we can be done with all this speculation? Why indeed… I could take the philosophic stance and say “the Truth is inside of you, in your heart” and I’d essentially be right – but do we find this so called ‘heart space of Truth’ via a macrocosm ‘big picture’ view or by looking at the microcosm ‘laser beam’ view? The philosopher in you knows the answer to this question.


You have x-ray vision this month, by that I mean your bullsh*t detector is alert and fully engaged. This could make for a busy mind this month as there’s a lot of misinformation about at the moment, it could keep you occupied for weeks if you let it, but that wouldn’t be good for your well-being, overexposure to too much malarkey (I really just wanted to use that word in a sentence) is bad for you – body, mind and Soul. But you want to speak up and be heard, you want to tell everyone to stop spouting this bad mojo and get back on track, but the TV doesn’t respond, no matter how vehemently you express your dissatisfaction. Take a step back and change your viewpoint, focus that detector on yourself and your words that are directed internally, how much of what you say to yourself is disparaging and untrue? That Twaddle Detector would be better used this way…


Relationships are your focus this month, it’s not easy to navigate these waters at the moment, all our usual routines are out the window and we tend to be spending more time with loved ones and while that can be a good thing, it can also be challenging. You must take some time out for yourself over the next few weeks, it’s important that you recharge your energy and that you respect your own need for peace and quiet. You may benefit greatly from a few quiet contemplative moments, and some personal space to ground yourself again so that you can be there more fully for the important people in your life. Take time to appreciate the sunshine on your face, the cool breeze on your skin, and to feel the bliss of some quality ‘alone’ time…


You are in activity mode this month; your daily routines are highlighted, and you suddenly see how much time you spend on so many unnecessary tasks. You can address these habits, change them, adjust them, and eliminate any that aren’t working for you anymore – perhaps you can replace them with better practices, activities that will benefit you and add to your life rather than take away. You must also be mindful of your health, your diet may have become a little ad hoc of late, it’s time to invigorate yourself through good food and conscious choices. Don’t spread yourself too thin or try to be everything to everyone, you are the most important person in your life – look after yourself first and everyone around you will benefit eventually.

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