The Bliss of Buoyant Beliefs…

The key is to not be attached to anything you currently believe to be true, allow the truth to take whatever form is non-illusory and if it doesn’t match your version of reality, let that be okay. You must be just as willing to be wrong, as you are to be right – or your experience will be one of great fear and suffering.

The River of Life…

There’s a fast-flowing river of anxiety and fear moving around the world at the moment. We’re all dipping our toe in the water now and then, and sometimes we get swept away with the strong current. Imagine yourself sitting on a grassy slope by that river, being the observer, what would you see?

Immediate Space

Some people are reacting with great fear, others with an almost cavalier nonchalance – both are valid responses however, neither are conducive to healing. These responses are protective mechanisms that we lean on to get us through rough times, the thing is – this rough time is going to go on for longer than we’d like, so the response you have to it must be calm, discerning, measured and immediate.

The Life Tree

I have grieved for my Father, my Mother, my brother, and my nephew. While each loss felt different, I knew each to be like an energetic amputation that left me changed. It feels like you are smaller, sometimes my edges were jagged, sometimes they were soft and porous. Sometimes my body would feel unreal to me, lighter, nebulous, sometimes it would feel heavy, burdensome.

Words to Nibble on…

So back to the book in my hand… each page is like a magic carpet with all the threads moving and undulating over a luminous aether of unseen energy. I gently turn the page and I’m struck by the little moment of joy, excitement, anticipation – the unknown words that are about to enter me via my eyes, my mind, my heart.

The True Kindess of Money & Muffins…

For some reason we are hard-wired to reject compliments but to accept and receive criticisms. We somehow believe that if we say ‘yes thank you, I love my hair also’ that we are being vain and that’s just not so. We may feel we must quickly offer them a compliment in kind, but this is in effect ‘mirroring’ their gift back and is a cunning way to not fully receive the gift offered to you by them. It’s like letting someone buy you a coffee and immediately reimbursing them for it.

Do Good Habits Drink Herbal Tea?

Whatever beliefs you are wanting to change, you can do it. We’re not static beings, we’re dynamic and ever-changing. We are beings of unlimited power – living in a cage of our own making, a cage made of our beliefs about ourselves and the world we perceive with our senses. Make the change, it doesn’t mean you have to don a flying suit and jump off a mountain, it just means you can become the person you know is hiding inside.

A Dandelion in the Gutter…

I wonder if she realised how important that moment was to someone sitting in a car not 2 metres away… I doubt it, but then we never really know how our existence can impact another person, especially those we haven’t met. While she was experiencing the dandelion, I was experiencing her, experiencing the dandelion…

Do Bad Habits Drink Tea?

Self-Imposed Limitations are like unwanted house guests – we invite them in for cup of tea only to realise they’re staying the night and before you know it they’ve become part of the furniture and the idea of living without them is too hard to bear…so we keep them around.

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