Codes for Change & Acceleration

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What are ‘Codes’?

It all sounds very ‘mysterious’ but “Codes” (as we like to call them), once programmed, are as simple as ‘pressing buttons on your hands and/or arms’, and yet they can have a profound effect on your personal growth.

The Codes work at a very deep level, the resulting shifts are felt within both your physical and energetic bodies and they allow growth on an expanded scale. You can choose how often you want to use them, daily, every couple of days, weekly, it’s completely up to you.

Once the Codes have been programmed it takes only 5 minutes to reactivate them each time and they never have to be reprogrammed, they are always there when you need them.

Each ‘Code’ is programmed into a physical action such as the touch of a finger on your hand or arm. Through the course you will ‘connect’ each character (like ‘letters’) to a physical action, and once you have ‘learned’ each one, you will put them together to create ‘words’ that activate change at all levels.

Codes for Change & Acceleration (Advanced)

These Codes were channeled through by Kachina Ma’an in 2021, they are preparing us for the new energy that is coming to the planet over the next few years. It’s imperative that we are working at our best possible level to prepare for this coming shift.

This is a series of 14 Codes each made up of 7 characters, that are designed to produce change and accelerate your spiritual growth. They are designed to increase your intuition, clarity, empowerment, and awareness. They stimulate an excitement for life and for the future, and help you to operate on a higher level day to day, reigniting a feeling of hope, wonder, and confidence.

Codes for Life

These Codes are designed to support you whether you are actively seeking greater spiritual awareness or not, they are to help with whatever situation that arises in your life. You will be attuned to 10 characters, and learn a series of 10 Codes – each made up of 3 characters.

These Codes are designed to help you with retain information and enhance memory, induce a calmness and focus when required, increase confidence, help you to hold your space when faced with challenging situations, and help you to problem solve, plus much more.

What to expect in a ‘Codes’ Workshop

Each workshop includes a booklet to take home, 10 Attunements, the programming of the Codes themselves, and how to use them.

These workshops are high energy, in that you will most likely be ready for a rest afterwards – especially the Advanced. It’s best to allow at least a week in between if you were wanting to do both. These are both stand-alone courses, you can do them in any order.

Cost of each course is $180, however if you choose to do both I offer them for $300.

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