Feel the Emptiness…

We had a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn today, perhaps you felt it. There was a feeling of gravity about it for me, a pulling towards the earth and at the same time being weightless. 

There’s a crowd around the Sun and Moon today, Saturn sits on one side – very comfortable here in his favourite sign of Capricorn – having just had the pleasure of their company and is still standing on the porch waving goodbye, probably still calling out instructions to them as they back away slowly. Pluto’s on the other side of them, a siren’s song floating on the aether to beckon them to her. The Moon will see her first and prepares the way for the Sun… Meanwhile Neptune was observing the whole eclipse through a sextile aspect, she loved the moments of weightlessness…Neptune felt it deeply but her main objective was to enjoy the moment, even if she seemed a bit voyeuristic and weird doing it from the sidelines. As I sit here I’m enjoying a glass of a rather deeply intoned Merlot called “Elephant in the Room – Whopping Merlot” – it occurs to me that Neptune was that whopping elephant. It’s like the others were all like “soooooo wassup Neptune?” And Neptune was like “who me?”. Regardless of how the other guys felt, I loved that Neptune was there, she’s a bit quiet but she’s got loads of personality when you get to know her and I think this situation needs some of her depth of feeling. As my wine bottle says in the description on the back “Fashion 0. Flavour 10” – I think this eclipse was full of flavour, “taste it” says Saturn, “absorb it then spit it out” says Pluto,  “savour it and become the eclipse” says Neptune.

Today though, is a moment to pause, to reflect and to feel the gravity. There’s no better way to do this than to be weightless– the astronauts really know gravity and they only really got to know it by leaving the earth – being weightless. Often it’s the sudden absence of something that brings the true Knowing, emptiness is a gift we can only appreciate after experiencing fullness. Saturn teaches us through the experience of life, it asks us to create a solid understanding, to learn skills and go forward with greater knowledge than we had before. Pluto on the other hand, teaches through a dismantling of those structures, taking away, whipping out the rug beneath your feet before you know what’s happening. It teaches through learning to value the space that is left after the knowing is gone… emptiness.

So today, the Sun shone as Spirit through the Soul of the Moon, the learning we gained is best imbibed by drinking of it fully, until you are overflowing – then…like a teapot (or a bottle of wine) – ‘tip me over and pour me out’. We are changed in a profound way, we are left empty although somehow so much more satisfied andmore than we were before. Perhaps this Solar Eclipse is preparing us for the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that occurs this time next year, interesting times ahead.  

I’ve used my new Oracle deck today, The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Frog Spirit is encouraging us to let go of the clutter, simplify, cleanse – create space in your life and in your head…emptiness.

Snake Spirit asks us to use this time to heal, repair, renew and replenish. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with yourself and others, give yourself space to heal and space to make room for what’s to come. Let go of the past…emptiness.

Swan Spirit reminds you that there are treasures to be discovered when we plumb the depths, look at the deeper understanding that is now available to you. Look past the superficial and see the Truth beyond what is known…

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