Go On…Tempt Me with your Soft Glow

Solar Eclipse 11th August 2018

I kiss you on the back of your head,

I anoint your thoughts with my Light,

Which pales in the shadow of your soft glow.

You are my Light, you are my shadow, you are my Soul.

I Love with all my shining Self,

I adore with all my past, my future and my Now…I adore you NOW.

It is NOW that you’ve open your heart to me,

NOW that you’ve given yourself over to my LIGHT,

NOW that I’ve kissed you on the back of your head.

For I am the SUN and you are the MOON,

Together we are ONE as much as we are TWO.

Let’s rejoice and play in the dance of ourselves,

Let’s merge and replenish…merge and replenish,

And then we’ll take our places to dance once more…

And then you tempt me with your soft glow…

And I kiss you on the back of your head…

The dance of the Sun and the Moon, never more joyous and playful as when they join in Leo, and Life as we know it is punctuated by their dance, their ‘Dosey-Do’ around the earth. The Moon is exposing her shadow side to the Sun, trusting that the Light will warm her and not set her on fire. Only the Sun ever sees this side of her, she never shows it to us…not while we stay on the earth anyway. Pluto is Quincunx the eclipse, this means he’s just sitting out of sight, something we see only out of the corner of our eye. There’s a real transformative power behind this, Pluto isn’t being sneaky, just trying to join in the playful energy of Leo but he’s just doing it wrong. Don’t get angry with him, understand Pluto is operating from Capricorn so he’s having a hard time joining in the fun and games of Leo, it’s a steampunk sorta’ vibe but with an awkward sort of Pop Musik dance move – think Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld, the one where she’s ‘trying’ to dance… now you’ve got it.

Just let him be, he’s enjoying himself in the corner…no harm done. He’s quietly transforming the atmosphere and the ambiance of the party. When we wake up the whole place could be different, we might see the world a little differently to the day before. Not quite a paradigm shift, but a shift none the less. It’s happening already.

Tonight we experience a Solar Eclipse in Leo (7.58pm AEST). What is Leo? Leo is LIGHT, Leo is JOY and PLAY, Leo is CREATION, Leo is STRENGTH – Leo is LOVE. It feels to me like a fast gathering of strength, a building up of something loud, something with the force of a lion’s roar… I’m thinking lynyrd skynyrd, I’m thinking Freebird… yeah absolutely. God I love that song. Play it, play it up LOUD then you’ll get the idea. The building, the anticipation, the crescendo.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

So are we waiting for what’s coming after the anticipation or are we using this immense energy to DANCE, to LOVE, to PLAY… don’t wait, because you know “this bird you cannot change”… but if you play with the song’s energy, the eclipse’s strength, you can take that bird to infinity and beyond… God now I’m quoting Toy Story!

Truly I’m in a weird space today, so much going on, I feel like I’m in a vortex that is just lifting me up higher and higher and I’m trusting in the process and beauty of life to show me the way. Life, death, rebirth…the cycle is all. The cycle is all.

SOOOO with Freebird playing in the background, I write this blog hoping someone will find a life line… I think I’ve found mine.

Thank you lynyrd skynyrd… you got me dancing again.

Addendum: My brother Phil passed away 9 days after I wrote this blog. On some level I knew – just in denial – that he would be gone soon. I wrote a blog for him after he passed, you can read it here. He’s dancing as a Freebird now… “Life, death, rebirth…the cycle is all

2 thoughts on “Go On…Tempt Me with your Soft Glow”

  1. My lifeline was the shower! As usual 😍 and cooking to music. Its the simple things ❤
    Can’t love this post more xx

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