Hello Pluto, we’re waving…

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018

A Solar Eclipse in Cancer today? Yes…at 12.47pm AEST, but you’ve been feeling it for a while now. Most notably over the last couple of weeks and it’s been culminating over the last few days. You’ll feel it after it’s gone too, but it will be like a satisfying breath of release.

We feel this mainly in our relationships, our connections with others and today it’s the relationship with yourself that will be highlighted. We’ve seen the shadow side of our relationships recently, or what we perceive to be the shadow. It’s felt uneasy, uncomfortable, like you’ve stepped through a doorway into a different world. There’s an unease here, things seem different and changed somehow. Pluto is shining his heart upon us and sometimes we want to turn away because it’s too open, too raw. Today we are reborn into a transformed relationship of wholeness, we are reseeded with the desire to nurture, the need to love and the impulse to share that love… Spirit has our back.

Pluto is not sitting in judgement, although we may misconstrue his intentions, he is beaming the light of his heart upon us, this brings transformation and renewal. The downside? Often his influence can be direct and brutal, his light can take a while to reach us although we feel it coming, preparing us. It often begins through metamorphosis and most of us resist that level of change. We enter the chrysalis a caterpillar and our insides are changed forever, it can be painful for a while, but eventually we see the light that never stopped coming, it was unceasing in it’s journey, trust that it will come.

Look at your relationship with yourself in terms of value, how much are you worth? How much money would you exchange for a moment of complete Self worth, a glimpse of how magnificent you really are? Pluto highlights our relationship to money among other things, but today take a moment to really feel how you relate to money. Does it have power over you or do you have power over money? Now think about why the word ‘power’ is often associated with money… Perhaps you’ve found the issues in your relationship that have emerged from the muddy depths are money related. Now…revisit that question “how much are you worth” and really look at the word “worth”, forget money and concentrate on what that word really means. Feel how limiting that word is, can we really apply it to people? To ourselves?

Neptune is silently watching all of this as it unfolds today, she is quietly softening the impact. Somewhere inside we know everything is fine, we know there is a purpose to all events, all things. Our feeling is that all is unfolding as it should. This is a feeling you can trust, allow yourself to be vulnerable to this change, there is a strength to be found there.

The New Moon is about beginning a new cycle, it’s about reenergising yourself and being whole. The Eclipse emphasises this, the Sun and the Moon are meeting each other, the moment is intimate, intense. And then it’s done, the Moon moves on, a renewed sense of hope and anticipation for a bright future. The Sun represents Spirit, the Moon our Soul… think of this for a moment, feel what this might mean to you especially during this eclipse.

Today is also special because Pluto will be watching our earth pass in front of the Sun for about 10 hours, this is a very rare event for Pluto so it’s pretty cool for him, he’ll get to see us with our Moon as two tiny black dots passing over the distant Sun. He’ll be reminded that he’s not alone, perhaps he’ll be reenergised and feel a renewed sense of hope and anticipation for a bright future…perhaps.

2 thoughts on “Hello Pluto, we’re waving…”

  1. Janine! You are such a beautiful writer. I love the way you expressed these transits. I felt exactly the same about this eclipse. So much mirror and shadow work with relationships, especially family, and money stuff was highlighted too… love this. Look forward to more of your blogs <3

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