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We feel like we are being battered about like a boat on an ocean without oars, no motor, no rudder, no land in sight. This is the fear state we are all potentially engulfed in. Our control has gone, life seems to be taking us on an unexpected divergence to somewhere we find completely unfamiliar and uncomfortable. At the time of writing this blog 136 out of 195 countries have been affected, even those without cases of COVID-19 will be feeling the effects of the global changes to travel and border closures etc… Make no mistake we are all in this together.

We are all being encouraged to exercise ‘social distancing’ which sounds lonely and isolating, but when I read that sentence above “We are all in this together” – I feel emotions that I wouldn’t have expected, I feel connected, supported, I feel like the world and I have an understanding, we know each other just a little more today than we did last week. Our focus has shifted. A strange sensation of being more ‘aware’ of the world in a new way while at the same time being forced to reduce our focus to our immediate environment. This year began with the fires here in Australia and the world focus was turned towards the suffering and loss of that time, now we’ve been swung back around to a global perspective, but we’d already been reminded of how connected we truly are when we all joined together to pray for rain

We’ve all witnessed how our governments have handled this event and we can see the shadows clearer than ever before, the more Light that floods this planet, the crisper and darker the shadows become – change is inevitable and necessary. In the future we will be referring to this time as ‘before Corona/COVID-19’ and ‘after Corona/COVID-19’. Such is the dramatic transformation occurring in how we see this reality. We will be looking upon this time as the moment when… Astrologers have predicted many things for 2020, I felt strongly that there would be a change in how we understand ‘authority’, our political landscape and our way of ‘governing’ society – no one knew how it would happen, but predictions are like that, there is an obvious energetic change and while we can often see the areas of change sometimes the ‘how’ is not so clear. I believe it’s important to not always know what’s coming, if we knew this global event was going to happen then there would have been no ‘shift’, no uncomfortable change, no “we are all in this together’ moments. People find ways to connect, look at Italy with songs ringing through the streets, a choir of physically isolated people, connecting with each other in such a beautiful way – you’re not alone, I’m here, hear my song.

This is a very big wake up call for us. I’ve been watching the comedy “Last Man On Earth” which is about a global virus that wiped out all the people except for a small group that found each other against all the odds. As I watch that show in the current environment, I realise how lucky we all are that COVID-19 isn’t a more virulent strain. It sort of feels like we’re being tested, being put into a situation where our fears are causing us to behave in ways that surprise us. Some people are reacting with great fear, others with an almost cavalier nonchalance – both are valid responses however, neither are conducive to healing. These responses are protective mechanisms that we lean on to get us through rough times, the thing is – this rough time is going to go on for longer than we’d like, so the response you have to it must be calm, discerning, measured and immediate. To protect the vulnerable we must follow the guidelines that are relevant to the area you are in, make yourself aware of them and act on them.

There’s a ‘higher vibrational’ tone to this event that it’s important to be aware of and while it’s a comforting thing to know there is a purpose and reason for our current experience, we must also be physically grounded in the present moment so we can respond in a way that is of benefit to all. It’s a fine line that we need to traverse – we can get pulled down into the fear, anger and grief like a magnetic gravitational force and it becomes tempting to find someone to blame, whether it be a person, a government, a nation – there is a tendency to push these feelings onto something other than ourselves when they become too big, too heavy.

What is the ‘healing response’ in this situation? I think it’s essential to first recognise the fact that we have limited control over the global event as it expands around us, we do however, have control over how we respond to the event and how we engage with those around us. We can’t anticipate how every person will embody these emotions. You might meet someone today that seems to be immersed in heavy fearful feelings, confused and unsure, but tomorrow they appear calm and decisive, there’s a tendency to bounce around between the lower and higher vibrational perspectives to varying degrees from person to person. It’s important to understand that the person standing in front of you at any given time is the one you need to focus on – not the whole world – just that one person. We are all in a state of flux at the moment, emotions are high. Just remain in a calm and grounded state for that one person you can be there for – if we can all bring ourselves back to a place of ‘immediate space’ and look out for our neighbour, our family, our friends, then we can heal this thing one person at a time. Leave the virus healing to the experts.

4 thoughts on “Immediate Space”

  1. Thankyou Ravenwing I like your balance and important message to all to heed . We are experiencing an adjustment, a correction . Let’s show kindness and generosity to each other and be thankful for what we have. We have all become way too precious in our material world. Back to basics with good healthy lifestyle, simple living, notwithstanding this is a v serious challenge , understand if we feel like we have stepped into pages of a sci-fi . Blessings to you

    1. I agree Wendy, it feels like we are in the process of hitting the ‘reset button’. Everything feels foreign and unfamiliar – true transformation often happens like that, we are moving through a portal of sorts, things will be different but we definitely needed something to jut us out of our global rut.

  2. Beautifully expressed Ravenwing and Wendy. My little thing I am doing is letting the person be hind me in the queue at the supermarket go before me. I lovely way to strike up a conversation. Yesterday when in the supermarket, 6 strangers commenced chatting and laughing across two queues along with the person at the checkout. Can’t remember when this happened last. I felt like yes, we can get through this. We perhaps need to stop focusing on the random stories of greed and violence and keep sharing these positive moments
    Thanks for taking the time to write on this topic.

    1. Thanks Liney, I’ve been seeing the same sort of thing. I honestly haven’t seen the panic or the selfish side yet, but perhaps I’m not looking for it? We were also shopping the other day and we picked up our pack of toilet rolls in case someone needed it. We saw an older gentleman shopping and offered it to him, he was so grateful, told us he was 96, how he mowed his neighbours lawns, and looked out for them. He was a lovely man.
      If we look out for opportunities to connect they seem to just happen.
      Thank you for being part of the positive reflection of this and shining your Light.

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