People are usually attracted to a Pellowah healing when the time is right for them – they are drawn to it. Pellowah works particularly well on deep emotional issues which may be holding you back, it also works well on those with very busy minds.  This type of healing gives clarity; people are drawn to this type of healing when they are going through a time of change or a juncture within their lives ~ Pellowah means “radical shift in consciousness”.

A Pellowah Healing takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.  You are fully clothed and lay comfortably in a dimly lit room, no music. No touch is involved as it is a “hands off” healing process.  Usually 1 to 4 healing sessions are required, although it’s totally directed by the client.

Pellowah continues to work over the next 24 hours and needs this time to fully integrate. It is important during this time to drink lots of water to facilitate the healing and to abstain from giving or receiving other forms of healing. It is best to avoid alcohol for a full day following a treatment also.

Pellowah Healing $70

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