‘Pray Rain’ for Australia

Jupiter in Capricorn – a reflection of what we are experiencing here in Australia. Jupiter is expansive, excessive, abundant, and is associated with the element of fire. Capricorn is associated with the element of earth, it’s Guide (Ruler) is Saturn, which is associated with restraint, boundaries, containment. Bringing these two energies together it’s not hard to see the connection to the fires ravaging this country. There’s so much activity in Capricorn (Saturn-Pluto conjunction) and the eclipse coming on the 11th, and also this country’s Sun Sign is Capricorn – also the Tropic of Capricorn passes through the middle of it. I’m not going to write an article about this for now and while it’s interesting to understand the cycles that are connected to these events, it’s more important to know how we can contribute to the cessation of these fires.

I’d like to direct you to an excerpt from Gregg Braden’s book ‘The Isaiah Effect’, please read it now if you have time so this blog can be read in context. If you’d rather just read the ‘important bits’ I’ve put a smaller quote below so you can get the gist of what’s in the link.

“Today, David said, ‘we pray rain.’… David returned to the position closest to me, he stopped, straightened his posture, and moved his hands into a praying position in front of his face. His breathing became nearly indiscernible. He appeared oblivious to the heat of the midday sun. After a few brief moments in this position, he took a deep breath, relaxed his posture, and turned to me.

” ‘Let’s go, our work is finished here,’ he said, looking directly at me.

“ ‘Already?’ I asked, a little surprised. It seemed as though we had just arrived. ‘I thought you were going to pray for rain.’

” ‘No, I said that I would ‘pray rain’, he replied. ‘If I had prayed ‘for’ rain, it could never happen.’

From ‘The Isaiah Effect’ by Gregg Braden

It’s all about the Law of Attraction. If you know anything about that you’ll understand that you must be in the vibration of that you wish to attract, not in a vibration of ‘need’ or you’ll only attract further ‘need’. The important factors for this meditation are:

  • That it be in present moment.
  • You use all your senses to ‘feel’ that you want to attract.
  • You open your heart to a state of Gratitude.

You don’t need a ‘Stone Circle’ or sacred ground on which to stand, if you have a meditative space it will help, but if not just sit somewhere you feel at peace and you know you won’t be disturbed.

You will find your own way of doing this, you don’t have to follow this to the letter. Let it move you, let it take you to your own space of creation. This is how I do it, but I let it lead me…

I imagine I’m standing with fire all around me, I can feel the heat of it, the ground under my feet is hot and I feel the ash under my toes, I can smell the smoke, I hear the fire crackling and I watch the embers dancing on the wind. Then I begin to feel the rain drops, as the breeze brushes my skin it’s cooler and begins to fall more heavily around me, I smell the wet ash, I hear the hissing as the rain falls on the fire and the trees, the earth is wet beneath my feet. Looking around I no longer see any fire, I see the trees sending out little green shoots and the seeds beginning to sprout, I hear the birds coming back, I see the koalas, kangaroos, possums, lizards, insects and all the fauna returning to the space… I feel immense Gratitude in my heart for this as if it’s happening NOW… I stay in this space for as long as I can.

This brings up many emotions, when I feel the tears (as I do now as I’m writing this) during the meditation, I realise I’m no longer in ‘Present Moment’ so I consciously return to the NOW space. This may happen a few times, if you find your mind wandering just gently guide it back…

This is a powerful method of meditation; you can apply this to other circumstances in your life too.

In my last newsletter for January I pulled these cards:

These cards are called ‘The Enchanted Map Oracle’ by Colette Baron-Reid.

These apply beautifully. I don’t think I need to expand on them too much, they speak for themselves… Let’s look at the last card though, RESCUE. Study it, the brown tree, the chimney with contained fire in its hearth, the waterfall flowing freely, the balloon in the shape of the earth looking down and seeing the bigger picture. This is a vision of the fires under control, life giving water and the people of the earth ‘holding space’ for Australia…

‘Thank You’ all for helping to create a space of healing and compassion, a space in which Australia and the world can gradually heal itself.

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