How to Make Space – An inspired guide to a clearer mind and home


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RavenWing’s recommendation: This is a sweet little book that’s practical as well as beautiful. I love that it begins by making space in the home, then your daily routine, after that you create a clarity and freedom within the mind, and then space and breath within the body, a very natural progression.

A charming guide to de-cluttering your mind and home, and making space for a more authentic life.
Often life seems to be about having or achieving more, but what happens when we choose less? Discover the joys of simplicity and moderation with practical exercises to clear your home, calendar and mind. Through fascinating anecdotes and intriguing vignettes, How to Make Space reveals how people throughout history and around the world have embraced a simpler life, from Buddhist monks to Swedish Lagom and modern minimalism. Be inspired to follow their example and reap the benefits of more time, more clarity, more joy, more space.

About the Author
Dr. Arlene Unger is a California-based clinical psychologist and wellness coach, with thirty years of experience in the field. In her busy practice, The Empowerment Center, she emphasises the need to find life balance – and to let go of the judgment and self-criticism that can hold us back. She blends clinical expertise with her intuition and imagination, treating people face-to-face but also specializing in online coaching and counseling. She uses a wide range of therapeutic tools, including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Emotional Brain Training.

About the Illustrator
Jo Parry is a professional illustrator and artist. She describes her artwork as “fun, bold, colour-inspired and unpretentious” and usually works in soft pastels. Her hobbies outside the artistic field include photography, travel, sport and cooking.

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