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My thoughts on this particular Crystal:

This is a stunning Sodalite Generator, very ‘regal’ and it commands attention! The cream striations are quite divine.

Vibration: This particular Generator needs air! It doesn’t seem to like being enclosed in the hand, the feeling is very ‘direct’ and purposeful.


  • Understanding
  • Mental & emotional balance
  • Blocks electromagnetic pollution.


  • Sagittarius & Aquarius
  • Moon & Uranus
  • Water & Air
  • Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra
  • Vibrates to the number 4

Sodalite helps to move us through a confused state of mind towards rational thought and allows us the objectivity to come to a logical conclusion – balancing both the mental and the emotional sides of ourselves to be adaptive to the demands of a situation or experience.

It is a beautiful crystal to meditate with as it stimulates the pineal gland in particular, (and the Third-Eye Chakra) and in doing so it allows a much deeper meditation.

It brings with it a deeper understanding and a ‘knowing’ of why things happen as they do, and yet it urges us to be true to our deepest Selves – the way is clearer when we are in a state of Gratitude and Acceptance for how things are.

Sodalite is an excellent stone to keep by your computer to help to block the electromagnetic pollution.

Weight 112 g
Dimensions 2.8 × 2 × 15.2 cm


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