The Muse Tarot


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A revolutionary tarot of kaleidoscopic colours and dramatic figures to inspire and unlock creativity.

In this bold, colourful, stylized deck, the traditional tarot suits are recast as Emotions (Cups), Inspiration (Wands), Voices (Swords) and Materials (Pentacles), delivering messages from the source of inspiration to stoke the spark of the user’s unique creative genius. These contemporary re-imaginings of Rider-Waite archetypes and symbolism are powerful advisors illuminating the path toward invention, infused with muse energy and wildly eclectic spirit.
The detailed guidebook that accompanies this deck contains not just the meanings of each card, but poetry and inspiration to give the user even more insight into each reading. Whether the user is an artist, writer, mother or entrepreneur, every soul is the architect of her own life, a creator mapping the path forward through the desert, inspired by the whispers of the muses.

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Dimensions 13.18 × 8.1 × 5.08 cm


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