Property Clearing

Properties are able to be energetically ‘cleared’ and when done via the Akashic Records it can be done remotely. A property can sometimes feel ‘off’ to us, perhaps a room feels unpleasant to walk into, we may get a feeling of being ‘unwelcome’ in our own home, possibly sense a ‘presence’ there, or even just feel like it’s no longer in alignment vibrationally to us anymore. There are many reasons to get your property cleared, the obvious one is to feel more comfortable in your own home. It may be that you are selling your property and clearing it will ensure that it ‘feels right’ to the prospective buyers during the inspections. Whatever the reason, if you’re on this page, chances are you have something going on that needs ‘addressing’ (pun intended!)…

In order to do a property clearing, the home/land must belong to you, or be rented by you, you must have financial responsibility for the property, be that through direct ownership or by paying the lease. This clearing can be done anywhere in the world due to the fact that it requires no direct physical access.

There are 2 formats offered, either a 30 minute phone/video chat that is recorded and emailed to you afterwards, or I can email you a comprehensive written report.

Property Reading & Clearing: $90 for either a video consultation or a written report. (An additional $40 to receive both). Book in here.

If you are interested in a Soul Realignment® Reading please click here to find out more: Soul Realignment® Reading

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