Reiki – What is it?

FontCandy (3)Reiki – What is it?

Reiki; it flows through all of us, it flows through every-thing. It’s life force, it’s Universal energy, it’s always been and will always be. We just forgot how to ‘feel’ it, how to direct and use it.

We are all natural healers:

  • Have you ever found yourself laying your hand on someone’s shoulder or offering a hug when they’re sad or suffering?
  • When you hit your shin or cork a muscle, do you hold it to stop it hurting?
  • If you have a headache, do you find yourself holding your head?
  • What about a toothache?

We all know what to do when pain arises, we do it automatically. It’s instinctual. We do it completely unconsciously, how effective could it be if we did it with intention and focused awareness?

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy flowing through all living and non-living things, it’s Universal Energy – it isn’t exclusive to Reiki Practitioners… There I said it. You all have the power to heal. We’ve forgotten how truly powerful we are.

Why go to a Reiki Practitioner then? A Reiki Practitioner has had his/her meridians opened, creating a clearer channel, the process of ‘remembering’ has been initiated for them, and they have learned how to allow the Reiki to flow again.

Reiki is a system, it was brought to the people by Mikao Usui in 1922. He developed a system of practice that contains within it – 5 elements – these elements all work together to clear the channels of the Reiki Practitioner. If the practitioner continues to work with these elements they will:

  • Raise their vibration.
  • Clear their energy pathways.
  • Increase their intuition.
  • show them how to be truer to their way and their being.

The system of Reiki is primarily a method of Self-discovery, a tool we work with to help us find our True Selves and raise our vibration. Healing is happy by-product of this process, it’s not the goal.

A Reiki Practitioner understands that ‘healing’ can be different for each person. We learn not to ‘attach’ to an outcome of healing that we believe should happen – there is a respectful yielding to whatever comes. You may believe that you need your headache to be ‘healed’ when in fact it may be another area of your body causing the pain, it may be an emotional reaction to an event that is the cause, or perhaps it’s a process of acceptance or forgiveness that needs to be initiated and experienced in your heart before healing can occur.

The practitioner lays their hands on you or over you, they don’t force the flow of energy, they allow it to be drawn by the recipient. As the client you are always in control of your own healing, it’s important to be open to whatever form that may take.

Reiki is surprising, it may not be what you expect.

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