In a Reiki consultation, the practitioner is not the healer; they create a healing space by directing Reiki (Universal Life Energy) to the client, within which the client can affect their own restoration. Reiki gently encourages balance within the body to facilitate healing on all levels.

During a treatment, you are fully clothed and lay comfortably in a dimly lit room with soft music playing, I may lay my hands upon you but not always, it is an intuitive process. The healing takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Many people get regular Reiki treatments, others come once or twice a year, it’s completely directed by the client.

After a Reiki treatment, the client may feel more relaxed and have a sense of being more ‘centred’ than before. This feeling is closer to the natural way of being for most of us, though hard to achieve in a busy lifestyle. It is from this place we can heal ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Repeated sessions can affect a greater spiritual connection through which a stronger sense of Self can emerge. We begin to feel better about ourselves and more accepting of others…a shift to a brighter and happier Self.

Reiki Healing session: $70

Distance Reiki Healing (half an hour): $50

To book a consultation go to my contact page or follow this link to schedule your own appointment: Times available

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