“Learning Reiki with Janine was a beautiful experience and initiation into healing. Janine is such a genuine person and has an incredibly humble and grounded energy. She greeted me like a friend, and I felt safe and at ease with her straight away. Janine strives to stay as close to the original teachings of Usui as she can, and the lessons, attunements and energy came across bright, clear and untainted. I appreciated this greatly as a sceptically minded person, and I walked away with my understanding of reiki being grounded in reality, yet the magic of it has not escaped me. The way Janine dedicates herself to bringing the reiki into all areas of her own life has inspired me greatly in my own practice. I am truly grateful that I chose Janine as my teacher, I look forward to doing Reiki II with Janine in the future! Many thanks Janine :)” ~KATIE S.


“I had the pleasure of being a student in one of Ravenwing Healing’s Reiki level 1 courses. The environment was inviting, relaxed, warm & safe. By the conclusion of the course, everyone was vibrating Reiki. I had such an enlightened experience. Since then I’ve seen many positive shifts in my life. The 21 day e-course kept me engaged and on track with my meditations and self-Reiki. Thank you RavenWing Healing! Not only am I confident in practising Reiki, but I know how to use my energy for when life throws those curveballs!”~ANN K.


“Janine is an amazing healer. I arrived with the weight of the world on my shoulders and with a Reiki Healing, I walked out as light as a feather. I will definitely be back and cannot recommend Janine highly enough.”~DANELE W.

I had a wonderful experience with Janine 🌸 she looked through my sky chart (she is a very good Astrologist) and tarot cards before I arrived and she explained my current situation with such accuracy, i was amazed! 😲
The Reiki sessions helped me fixed some past life scars and rebalance my energy. The last session was done remotely and it left me very at peace within myself.
I can’t recommend her enough, it was great being in such good hands. She gave me tips for meditation and help improve my intuition with the suggestion of a dream diary.
Also she have 2 lovely cats 🐱

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