Your September 2020 Stars…

This month I chose the Crystal Wisdom deck (by Rachelle Charman), it’s a beautiful little deck that I use often, I suggest looking into the picture of the crystal I’ve selected for your sign as you repeat the accompanying affirmation… let it sit with you, and please leave a comment if it resonates for you.

Your Stars for September 2020


Your body is a vehicle for your Soul and as such it deserves to be maintained, nourished, and respected. This month you may find yourself more focused on your body and it’s needs, and that also means looking at your stress levels. Are you finding it hard to turn off from work now that you’re (most likely) based at home? It’s difficult to shift gears from ‘work mode’ to ‘home mode’ when both locations are the same – if you have a separate work space that’s great but if you don’t, you may need to create a ‘ritual’ to officially end your day; pack all the ‘work gear’ away (so you can’t see it), have a shower, go for a walk, or just step outside and stretch your body, try brushing your body with your hand as if you were sweeping away crumbs with the intention to remove the residual ‘work energy’. Mars enters it’s retrograde cycle on the 10th, you may feel frustrated and certainly stressed, but remember your body focus this month, stress reduces immunity and has many other effects on the body so be gentle with yourself and be patient.

Rose Quartz – SELF LOVE – “I approve of myself and Love myself deeply and completely”


What a month for a party, maybe a dinner party, or cocktail evening – but that’s not likely at the moment so you’ll just have to make your own fun. With Venus moving into Leo on the 6th the inner ‘party vibe’ is really nagging at you, you’d love to just have a few friends around so you can laugh and dance and just forget all this s**t. You certainly want to be noticed at the moment – no, it’s more than that, you want the adoration and attention you know you deserve. This month you’d be the life of the party if you were ‘allowed’ to have one! You may have a tendency to fly off the handle and let your frustrations be known, you just want everyone to ‘see’ you, to understand how fed up you are that you can’t socialise and have some party fun. Get a video chat going with a friend or 10 and play a game together, laugh loudly, and let your hair down – we have to get inventive with our social activities these days, the most important thing is that you do it, don’t let the frustration defeat you.

Hiddenite – GRATITUDE – “I am Grateful and this loving energy fills every single cell of my being”


It’s time for you to retreat into your safe space for a while, do what makes you feel nurtured and loved. The focus for this month is home and family, creating a space where you and your loved ones can feel secure and relatively stress free. Your thoughts may have been hard to ‘tie down’ of late, there’s been a lot of confusion, the facts have been hazy and you’re not sure of what you believe anymore. When you try to communicate your ideas to other people you can’t quite find words that are adequate to the task. Perhaps you’re not meant to be explaining this to anyone but yourself at the moment, soon the mist will clear, and you’ll likely have many ‘aha’ moments to come. You may find that you are very curious about your ancestry at the moment, something has come to your attention that has piqued your interest and now you want to investigate your past, your roots. Your dream life may be active as well and this is often how messages are brought to us from our ancestors and loved ones past over.

Awakening Crystal (Elestial Quartz) – SOUL AWAKENING – “I am awakening to my true essence and I am a full expression of my Soul’s vibration”


Connection and interaction with others are at the forefront for you this month. The purposeful exchange of ideas and information – this may lead to some unexpected alliances and a shift in how you see the world around you, be open to the possibility that your beliefs and understanding of the world may be challenged. Your energy levels regarding work is waning and you may have to put more effort than usual into maintaining your enthusiasm in this area of your life. Relationships are feeling a little restrictive and you may see a side to someone that you’d prefer not to see, but we’re all on a roller coaster at the moment so just give them space, a hug, or a willing ear, and you’ll find that you may be able to turn that issue around, for both of you. Often all that is needed is some understanding; the desire to be ‘heard’ is something that we are all in need of at this juncture, and that’s certainly the case for you right now.

Citrine – ABUNDANCE – “I am aligned at all times with the abundant energy of the Universe. This powerful energy flows through me into every aspect of my life”


It’s up to you to see and feel your own self-worth, it isn’t a variable that’s based on someone else’s inability to appreciate your value. Don’t attach your self-worth to someone else’s expectations, only you can fill that emotional bucket. It’s a good time to reassess your goals and directions, look at what means most to you and align your sail to that point on the compass. Put some energy into a new course or perhaps learning a new skill or craft, something that gives you deep satisfaction, it might be something you’ve been investigating for a while but never put the ‘pedal to the metal’ to get it started, now is a great time to do just that. Remember, you are the star of your own play, your own story, and on some level, you know that you have the talent and the temerity to play your role with great verve and potency.

Shungite – DISCIPLINE – “I practise the art of Discipline and it brings freedom to my Soul”


Who are you versus who you would like to be? If this question has you putting your pinky to your chin then you’re just not looking at this question with the right attitude… Honestly, you should have said in reply to that question “I am thankful to yesterday’s me for creating the version of me today, and I’m being the best me I can be today to make fertile soil for the me of tomorrow!” Today is the only day you need to focus on, if you can be the best ‘You’ today then that will naturally take care of the You tomorrow, you don’t have to worry about who you’ll be in the future if you are the best of yourself today. If that gets you thinking and pondering, then my work here is done. Plant your seeds for tomorrow today, it all happens today. It just works that way, I can’t give you anymore guidance than that, it’s all you need – nurture yourself today, love yourself now, forgive yesterday’s You and embrace today’s version… Now is all we’ve got, and it’s everything that is and ever was – “To see the world in a grain of sand…” (William Blake)

Golden Calcite – INSPIRATION – “I am inspired in all that I do”


The big questions are bubbling up to the surface of your awareness this month, you can dismiss them away with a flick of your hand or you can invite them in, offer them tea and biscuits, and ponder the Universe together over a nice brunch. It’s your choice of course but it’s not everyday you get to spend quality time with your own psyche on such an intimate level, I say go for it. You shouldn’t find yourself short on questions, there’s a new one on the horizon every moment of every day at the moment, the hard part is finding the ‘right question’ – you may think the answer is the most important part of this exchange – but is it? There, I’ve given you your first question, see where the Rabbit Hole leads you – to the answer or to more questions? It’s a path that leads you to the kernel, the marrow, the nucleus, one question leads to another, leads to another, then in the centre, what will you find…?

Fire Agate – CREATIVITY – “I allow the Creativity of my Soul to shine through into my world”


Try being a little more objective this month, take the ‘observer’s’ point of view, just sit back and watch the world as it appears to sink into chaos (‘appears’ is the important word there) – don’t jump in and become a part of the confusion, you need to begin to see the bigger picture, to behold the broader view of what’s going on. With your Guide Mars, entering its retrograde cycle on the 10th, you may find this process of pulling back and observing to be a natural step for you at the moment. It feels right to seek understanding from a distance, it’s not your usual method which involves more of a ‘dive in the deep end’ sort of approach, but it’s right for you now. It may be harder than usual to hold your anger about the world as you perceive it but taking this ‘stepping back’ stance gives you the space to respond rather than react to what you are seeing.

Aquamarine – COMMUNICATION – “I communicate with ease and grace”


Your arrow has been a little stuck in it’s quiver lately, but as Jupiter moves direct once again on the 13th you may feel it loosen – just a bit, just enough that you feel there’s a little wiggle room there to set your aim a little higher. It’s time now to think about where you want to aim that arrow, to refine how you see yourself being in the world in 2021 when Jupiter flies into Aquarius like Superman bursts forth from a cramped phone booth! September may bring the realisation that the online shopping has been an area of ‘expansion’ for you, just reassess the money situation and if you need to, just reign in the spending a bit, give yourself a budget – that’s a word Sagittarians don’t use a lot, like the ‘diet’ word, they just emit too many ‘restrictive’ vibes. So don’t think of it as a ‘budget’, reframe it into something you can work with, you’re becoming more ‘discerning and insightful’ about where you put your attention and therefore your money.

Divine (Devic) Temple Crystal – SOURCE – “I am deeply connected to, and an expression of, the Divine Source of the Universe”


It’s been a long frustrating journey that we’ve embarked on, and as Saturn moves direct at the end of the month you may find yourself wondering if there is some karmically derived significance to the strange world we find ourselves living in, that we are as yet unaware of. That’s a whole can of worms you may not want to open, instead of looking to the past to explain the present, look to the present to build the future. What can you do today to make your tomorrow a better one? There are brighter times ahead but you won’t find them if you keep looking over your shoulder trying to make sense of “what just happened back there”, in fact if you focus on making your ‘present’ a more positive one, eventually you’ll see a different view when you take that backward glance over your shoulder. The present doesn’t just build the future, it’s also creating brighter, happier memories of the past.

Red Tourmaline – PASSION – “I am the embodiment of Passion”


Your senses are heightened at the moment, be attentive to signals such as goosebumps, synchronistic coincidences, sudden urges to pick up a certain book, or a song that just won’t stop playing in your head. It may be that there are messages coming to you and if you’re not on the alert you may miss them. You can strengthen your ‘connection’ to these happenings by keeping yourself grounded – you are a thinker, often getting carried away with your thoughts – by anchoring yourself energetically to the earth you can free your mind knowing you are tethered and with a solid aerial beneath your feet. There are plenty of ways to ground yourself but the easiest and most accessible is the obvious one, walk on grass or soil barefoot, with the conscious intention to create a bond between you and the planet we are spinning on. This month is also a time to look at your finances, you may find that by opening up to the energetic information highway that you get guidance as to your money matters as well.

Shattuckite – TEACHER – “I have the Divine wisdom of the Universe within me and I openly share it with the world”


What is reality anyway? It’s absolutely over-rated, and we’re all living in a holographic Universe, right? Don’t try to answer that with words, you just won’t find the right phrases to explain your thoughts at the moment, at least not so anyone other than yourself would understand. There are no definitive edges for you this month, everything feels wobbly, unstable, blurry, and nebulous. You are seeking out the significant relationships in your life to help you find solid ground, and your instincts are correct, for that is where you’ll find it. If you find that you’re moods are changing a little rapidly this month, it could be because you’re highly sensitive to other people’s feelings (even more so than usual) and you should be aware of your tendency to take them on as your own. This is probably not unusual for you but it will be more intense than usual, so just be aware.

Chrysoprase – NURTURING – “I open up and allow myself to be nurtured”

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