Soul Realignment®

As a certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner I will access the Akashic Records on your behalf to discover who you are at Soul-level, what blocks and restrictions (negative karmic patterns) may be inhibiting the expression of your potential, and clear these for you. 

 I believe that knowledge is power, and the more we can learn about ourselves the better our choices will be. Most of us are trying to make positive choices and we wonder why we aren’t achieving the results we desire. Without the knowledge of who we are at Soul-level we may be making choices that are not actually aligned with who we truly are, as a result we often create a very different reality to the one we intended.

The only blocks and restrictions that ‘come through’ are the ones that will help us most at this point in time, and only those that we are now in a position to clear. I’ve found that sometimes the most obvious issues we have are not always the first patterns to appear, it works in layers, remove one to get to the next and so on…

What to expect from a Soul Realignment® reading:

  • ~Discover  your Divine Soul Blueprint and what Energy Centre(s) you chose to work through.
  • ~Learn which ‘Star Seed’ you are – where did your Soul first incarnate and what that means for you now.
  • ~Gain an understanding of some of the ‘blocks & restrictions’ that are inhibiting your growth and progress, these may be from this lifetime and/or past lives.
  • ~This is not a ‘quick fix’, it requires you to begin making better choices based on the new information you learn from this process, with that in mind there is also a few paragraphs of intentions to be read aloud each day for 21 days.
  • ~You will receive a recording of the session and you can email me over the following 21 days to ask any questions that may come up for you.

Soul Realignment® Reading: $200. Book in here.

Soul Realignment® Supplemental Reading: $100 Book in here.

A Supplemental Reading is available if you feel like you’ve moved through the blocks and restrictions discovered in a previous session and you want to see if there’s more to clear, you may want to follow up on a few things discussed in the previous session, and we can also check the measurable Soul data again for you… This is usually between 6-12 months after the main session.

To find out about clearing a property through the Akashic Records click here: Property Reading & Clearing

Interested in becoming a Soul Realignment® Practitioner?

If you think you’d like to become a Soul Realignment® Practitioner yourself (and why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing!!), just click the following link to find out more about it… Soul Realignment® Course Information

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