Your April 2020 Stars 🌟🌸🌟

All dates referred to are AEST


Your Guide (Mars) has just clicked over into Aquarius and you’re likely to be feeling a bit rebellious (more than usual) and you just want your freedom, the current world crisis has you in a spin and you just want to get out there and do something about it – but you’re more than likely stuck in isolation or at least your ability to find an outlet for this energy is incredibly limited. Also, Saturn crossed over into Aquarius last month and April begins with them having quite an intense conversation, and tensions are high in the first week or so. The positive outcomes of this dialogue can be exceedingly constructive, the two of them together can be quite a team especially in Aquarius, great ambition and possibility for advancement in whatever you put your mind to. There’s a rush of electrical energy running through this duo – so much potential. Saturn provides the manifesting power and Mars contributes the drive and motivation. The shadow side is a tendency for Mars to feel stifled, stuck, frustrated if things don’t move fast enough or if you’re freedom is restricted(!!) – and emotional explosions are imminent. Now this aspect is common to all the signs this month but the fact that it involves your Guide (Mars) directly makes it very prominent for you and will affect you in a more intense way. The 8th is the Full Moon and it brings you to another point where freedom takes centre stage. This is a month of intense challenges for you in this area, remember this is all temporary, it will pass. Release some of that pent-up energy with a jog around the backyard or walk around the block if your local isolation rules allow.


Social isolation – this month you’ll enjoy some quiet time, you may feel very unsure and a bit out of your depth but if you keep coming back to your immediate space, your centre, you’ll be fine. Venus is moving into Gemini on the 4th, this opens you up to a more loving communication with those around you, you may be the one that others come to when they need to discuss something with someone they trust. Be open to dreams this month, the answers you seek may come to you while you sleep. There may be a resistance to messages that are coming to you, be gentle with yourself, be more accepting of your mystical abilities for this month you may glimpse them. If you are already aware and using your abilities, then this month is good time to work on them and extend their limits. There are limiting factors regarding work, you feel motivated to create something new or start a new project but with everything going on around the world now, you’re feel restricted and frustrated. Use this time to create a plan, if you’re unable to implement that plan now you can prepare for the time that you are able to bring it about. Use the technology at your disposal to help you reach out, perhaps you can open a team chat or collaboration to work on one of your ideas in advance. The New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd brings the with it some potential surprises, spend some time in reflection but be prepared for some unexpected experiences.


You find yourself very susceptible to the news of the world this month, you are very aware of what is going on but you’re happy to sit back and observe. It is however, very important for you to keep connected with family and friends through the various technological methods you have available – as long as you can do that you won’t lose your centre. You must keep in contact with others, don’t become a hermit, it won’t serve you this month. This is a great time to begin an online course or to at least begin to look into those many subjects you’ve had an interest in but had no time to investigate until now. Mercury moves into Aries on the 11th, you may find your thoughts become clearer now, they come thick and fast and you feel more motivated to action them. You’re a naturally curious soul so this month while you can, use this time of clear thought and isolation to read, absorb, learn.


Money. For many Cancerians money can be a difficult subject. This month there is a high focus on work and money. You can make money work for you if you can see past the limiting factors that are blocking its flow at the moment. Where is the money coming from and how can you work with the restrictions that you can see blocking its flow? In this month of isolation, you may be working from home so take some time to look at online possibilities of increasing this flow of money. You’re well placed to do so this month as the emphasis is on your occupation, your contribution to society. It’s also about where you feel responsible and areas of life you feel where you have an ambitious streak. Don’t lose sight of what’s important and that tends to be close to home, it’s essential – especially to Cancerians – that they maintain a balance between work and home, be mindful of that this month.


You are seeing the current world events in a philosophical way this month; it helps to keep you grounded through all the upheaval. This month also brings the opportunity to expand your sense of Self and to investigate the shadow from a comfortable distance, these world events are shining a light on a side of you that is very unfamiliar – be curious about this rather than apprehensive. Relationships may be a little uneasy, and with all the isolation you may find yourself clashing with your loved one, or it may be that you’re both apart from one another and the separation is taking its toll, or perhaps you’re just not finding the soul mate you were looking for – Either way just be patient, and try to understand that those closest to you are also discovering new and different parts of themselves that they don’t necessarily know how to deal with during this crisis, and everyone else is a little wary of launching into a new relationship at this uncertain time. when we embark into uncharted waters it’s normal to take a moment before we set sail – things will get better, this is just a temporary situation asking you take time, take a breath, and trust in what’s coming.


You may sense a particular alchemy at work this month, a sort of pushing and pulling within your body; a back and forth sensation and you’re not sure if you should be apprehensive or curious about it. You’re feeling into the global distress and your body is responding. You may be feeling this outside of your body in your day to day routine, there may be interruptions to your normal schedule, you feel like things are moving forward and then it all stops, and you’re left feeling frustrated.  Recognise the urge to move and the opposite impulse to stand still, it’s a combination that would be quite unnerving to feel if you hadn’t been prepared for it. It makes me think of the ‘restless legs’ syndrome that some people experience. If you are a spiritually minded person and you’re a meditator I’d recommend to use the tools at your disposal to investigate this phenomenon, to calmly go within and be curious about it; if not, I ask that you not worry or cause yourself to become stressed about it, you are very sensitive to what is happening around you this month. Mercury (your Guide) moves into Taurus on the 28th, your thoughts will be less nebulous, and you should feel a bit more grounded as well.


This month the focus is very much on significant relationships in your life. As Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th you find yourself craving some heartfelt communication with your loved ones and they are finding it easier to open up to you, however, be wary of saying things just to please the them. Your romantic relationship may feel like it’s standing still or on hold at the moment, romance and passion are important to you however, this month is not favourable for igniting those flames, but it is a great time to just be together, to experience one another on an intellectual level and find the romance there. The isolation most of us are experiencing at the current time may not be such a bad thing for you, at least this month. You are feeling quite expansive while at home and you can transform the situation into something that will eventually help you advance professionally. Look after yourself and make use of any self-healing techniques you may have in your toolkit or look at enlisting some remote energy healing from the many healers out there, you’ll be very receptive to this form of healing at the moment.


This month’s isolation will potentially be a time of deep transition for you, if you stay grounded and connected to your close friends and family it will make it easier. There is also potential for you to feel so much of the global pain and fear, be aware that this isn’t just your personal experience, let it go if you believe you are feeling the collective pain body, just say (with intent and focused feeling) “if this is not my experience, I release it with Love” or something along similar lines. Being stuck in the house could be very hard for you, there’s a deep frustration and anger that you can’t quite find the outlet for. You are not alone in this feeling, many people are experiencing the same contradiction of energies, being restricted, contained, and yet full of energy that needs releasing; the combination is a potent one. If you stand still, eyes closed, you’ll feel the strange frustration of needing to move, but the energy feels stuck. This sensation should ease mid-month and while the isolation is still going on you will cope with it better. Focus on what you can use to feel connected to others, reach out and communicate your ideas, your revelations; there are others who need to hear what you have to say.


It’s time to get creative. Self-isolation is not a walk in the park for you (pun intended) so you need to exercise your need for freedom and adventure within the home. Don’t let yourself feel cut off from friends and family, there are many ways to communicate these days, you may find you’re actually talking to them more than you ever have… Look in the junk cupboard and find the old jigsaws, board games, the fun things we used to do to enjoy time at home in ye old days. If you’re at home with family get out the old game of Twister and have some fun with that! If you’re enduring this time on your own, use the technology at your disposal to connect and play some games together in real time, throw a dinner party or a yoga session with some friends via Zoom or Skype. You sense that there is larger scenario at play here, you have an inner awareness of this and you’re not at all sure how to put it into words. It may be enough to just ‘know’ that there is something else at play here, most other signs may find this ‘knowing’ to be a source of fear, but for you it’s a great source of comfort.


More than most your thoughts are centred around home this month. You may find that you can work from home easily during this isolation period, if not your thoughts are still very much on the home hearth. You may feel some frustrations around income – this is not the month for frivolous purchases. Now is the time to consolidate, to bring your energy back to your foundations, your anchor. This is a challenging few months for you; you simultaneously feel a flood of light coming into you and conversely you’re able to see the shadows so clearly. You’re being asked to slow down this month, focus on your immediate space. You can’t solve the world crisis on your own, you only have one responsibility and that is your ‘ability to respond’ to your own immediate experience. Bring your broad focus in from the world problems and narrow it down to that which you have in front of you – this month it’s your home and family.


You may find this month very frustrating when it comes to communication with the outside world, you just want to get out there and do something – anything! Channel those frustrations into something productive, it may surprise you what you can accomplish at home if you put some of that ingenuity into action. Your need for freedom is stifled this month, it’s easy to feel a bit trapped in the four walls of the house but you can reach out to others and connect via online means, this is something that you need to do especially this month, you need others to see you, and you need to feel a part of something bigger than those four walls.  Now would be a great time to start up a short online course, there may have been something that interested you through the year that you didn’t have the time to investigate – well now is the time. Book yourself in for a course you can get your teeth into, something that stimulates your imagination. You could imagine a whole new direction for yourself, perhaps equip yourself with new and exciting skills to take with you into that future.


Make sure you feel comfortable in your home this month, you may suddenly feel like you need to make it feel more homely, more comfortable. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time there so make sure you’re surrounded by things you love and the colours that make you feel a sense of calm. Your thoughts are challenging at the moment, wistful and nebulous. You can’t quite verbalise them, but they persist like a dream that permeates your waking hours, they sit right on the edge of remembering. This is a source of frustration for you, but perhaps they aren’t meant to be known, perhaps they are working on your subconscious at the moment and you need to just allow it to be. You may be experiencing some nightmares or disturbing dreams, try to enter the sleep moment with peaceful images in your mind, purge your mind of worries and concerns before bed. Don’t watch the news near bedtime, and flood yourself with beautiful pictures, words, and thoughts as you drift off to sleep. If you meditate, it might be useful to use a guided sleep program to help you.

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