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After feeling a little constricted last month, you’ll welcome the space to enjoy some party time with friends, let your hair down and shake all that heavy energy off – this month you feel lighter and more motivated. A lot of your energy is going into thoughts of travel and/or study, perhaps you’ll take a trip to study abroad, learn a new language or embrace yoga – so many ideas and so many options. You are seeing the bigger picture this month and if you really think about it with your heart you know the direction you wish to go, you always have. Be proactive and set yourself up with a clear set of goals for the coming year and really ‘see’ yourself achieving them. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th turn the volume down on the partying and spend some quality time with your friends enjoying the gift of treasured company.


Although you may feel some reluctance, now is the time to put yourself out there if you have dreams of changing your career or getting that promotion. If you’ve been looking for work now is the time to get your confident hat on and step into the job you’ve been working towards. You may find some overseas travel is on the cards or perhaps your position will include some foreign connections. Venus moves into Aries on the 8th making you a little more spontaneous and perhaps a little impulsive – be wary of those hasty purchases and know the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ – or throw caution to the wind and buy that amazingly opulent item you’ve had your eye on – you deserve it! On the 17th Mercury goes retrograde, quietly switching the energy from full forward to a slow reverse, it takes a couple of days to really change direction, but you’ll welcome the change, sometimes you’re just too stubborn to stop pushing ahead so take the hint and make some time to be a bit lazy now and then.


You’re thinking very clearly of late, and instead of getting bogged down in all the details as you often do, you’re like an antenna tuning in to what’s relevant – make the most of it, as early February brings a change to your thinking processes. Are you planning some time away? This is a great time to book a holiday while your thoughts and insights are clear because right at this moment you know where you need to go. If finances can’t stretch to an overseas getaway, sometimes a ‘mindful holiday’ is just the ticket. Dream your holiday and perhaps you’ll manifest it in the physical too, but even daydreaming a holiday can have beneficial effects on the psyche. The clarity of your thoughts may become a little nebulous during February and start to come to you with less clarity, especially when Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, but this is just a sign that you need to pull your energy back from all the places you’ve left it – you’ve been thinking about so many different things and talking so much about your thoughts to others, you’ve probably left some fragments of energy behind in all your enthusiasm. Just ask for it all to come back to you, be mindful and present as you do so and picture it all returning to you as beams of coloured light back to your Heart.


For most of this month you may be feeling a little distant and isolated, this is not necessarily a negative, you need some time to process last month’s insights, take it as a gift if you find some time alone and if you feel like you’re not ‘being seen’ just know that this is the Universe’s way of giving you the space you need at the moment, it’s not personal. The second week has you reassessing your priorities in the workplace or what you want from your career. What is the legacy you want to leave behind, ask yourself what you’ll be thankful for when it’s your time to leave the planet – what will be filling your heart with gratitude and satisfaction? I’m guessing it won’t be the fact that you did enough overtime to pay off the mortgage or stayed up all night studying for that exam. Now of course that’s important stuff, but it’s not where you want to invest your Heart energy. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, it’s a good time to reflect on your priorities in these areas, perhaps enjoy some time away sitting by the water, that’s where you do your best thinking.  


This month’s focus is relationships. Remember the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself, and if you get bogged down with criticisms or judgements in that one then you can be sure it will be reflected back to you from the relationships you have with others, this is highlighted with the Leo Full Moon on the 9th . Remember that in January you were introducing methods like ‘earthing’ to help you to feel grounded and recentred, I’d like to suggest you continue that at the very least for this month as it will help you reconnect to your inner Self. With the Sun moving into Pisces on the 19th some moments of mindfulness will also help you find the space you need to see the ‘bigger picture’ of your union (with Self or other) and observe from a wider viewpoint. It may feel liberating to shift your perception a little and to take in the larger dance, to take a few steps back so you can take in the whole masterpiece. There’s freedom in releasing the tiny abstractions of the day to day routine and making observations from a place where those moments become the essential strokes of the larger canvas. With Mercury going retrograde on the 17th you may feel that you’re backtracking over old ground when it comes to conversations with loved ones, there is much to learn from the past but we don’t have to live there to receive the lessons.


You may have felt a bit of nervous energy last month, if you were able to let it move through you and out into the physical, you may have created something magical! This month you need to come back to the ritual of self-care, focusing on the body temple and especially on your nervous system. Your sign’s Guide Mercury is retrograde from the 17th and it is around this time you need to be particularly aware of your body and mind. This is a good time to begin a daily meditation practice or if you’re already a regular meditator, to begin a body/mind focused meditation for this month. Concentrate on connecting the body with the mind, following the ‘awareness’ (mind) through the body and seeing what comes up for you. This is not unfamiliar territory for you, you’re comfortable here, even if you don’t know this about yourself – you may find a silent and peaceful joy in the joining of body and mind. Somewhere within you, you’re aware of the innate and primitive cycles we are all apart of, remember this as you practice your self-care rituals.  


Last month you were establishing a stable foundation and you learnt that while things are shifting and changing constantly you can always connect to the earth to find the grounding you need. You can use that feeling this month as you begin to play with your own ingenuity and inventiveness. You can playfully investigate what it means to access your intuition, try asking questions of your ‘Higher Self’ or your ‘Guides’ and use your imagination to envision your answers. Imagination is the way we access knowledge for which we have no words to express, the word has come to mean ‘made up’ or ‘make believe’ – but there is more Truth than falsehood here. The keyword for this is ‘play’ – make it a fun activity and don’t wait for a peaceful moment or your next meditation to ask your questions (although this is great to do too) but try asking them on the fly, in a meeting at work, while you’re shopping or even in the midst of household chaos – and notice the images, words, colours or whatever it is that comes to you in that moment, don’t try to analyse it, just acknowledge the message and feel gratitude for it. Trust that if it doesn’t make sense now that it will eventually. With Mercury going retrograde on the 17th you’ll probably find you can recognise these messages more readily as you’ll be more open to your ‘inner communications’. Your sign’s Guide Venus is moving into Aries on the 8th giving you a penchant for a little spontaneous fun, you’ll probably feel a little ‘flirty’ as well!


What does the word ‘home’ mean to you? What was the first image that came to mind when you read that question? Was it your house, your favourite room, your partner, your cat, or something completely out of the blue and unexpected? Sit with that question and really ‘feel’ into the energy of your answer. Sit quietly and scan your body when you ask yourself that question. Where is home within your body, is there a ‘space’ within you that reflects the energy of the word ‘home’? If you began journaling last month (see January Sun Signs) perhaps you could draw this space as you perceive it and if not, just imagine it. This space changes and evolves as you ‘change and evolve’, this is a beautiful exercise to do regularly to see how the inner ‘home’ space organically fluctuates and morphs into different colours and shapes over the course of a year… We are not static, we are always changing, nothing stays as it was – does this notion make you feel fear or comfort? If you can find the inner space that is ‘home’ for you, then no matter what changes come, you carry home within you…


How focused are you after last month’s clutter clearing? It’s essential for Sagittarian’s to clear things out this year, to create space – as much as you are able to in your particular situation. You need breathing room… This month think ‘self-expression’, think ‘communication of ideas’ – can you speak from the heart and connect to others from this space? When in dialogue with someone, try to be consciously open to hearing them from your heart-space, observe from a higher perspective and see the intricacies of communication unfolding, watch how you react or respond to words, facial expressions, intonations of speech. Most communications involve so much more than the speech component, but we’re all too busy and distracted to notice or to ‘feel’ into the deeper exchanges really taking place. This is also about creating ‘energetic space’ around you so you can open up to really ‘hear’ what is being said to you and equally what you are saying to the other person. If you’re not sure how to be in this ‘heart space’ try doing some deep breathing techniques or meditation to help you to open up your communication channels. Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th – this is a great time for you to practice the ‘open heart-space’ communication method. When Mercury is retrograde there are often misunderstandings and miscommunications but if you’re mindful about your conversations and listening and speaking from ‘heart’ you’ll be feeling the energy exchange of the interaction which is always Truth. 


January was about being gentle with yourself, emerging from the cocoon as a shiny bejewelled butterfly…so where should you fly to? Do you need a direction? Remember when you were little… What did you love to do? What brought you joy? What talents did you bring with you into this life that you’ve forgotten as an adult? Write a list of things as they come to you. Can you play with the idea of bringing something of this back into your life this month? Surprise yourself by doing something from your list that you haven’t done since you were a kid -did you love creating? – Paint with your fingers! Did you love moving? – Skip around the local park! Did you love making music? – Whistle your favourite tune! Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring a childhood joy back into your life right now… you might find a skill or talent you’d long forgotten or given up long ago as a silly childish notion. Mercury is going retrograde on the 17th  so continue being gentle with yourself but focus on your inner child (we all have a toddler in there somewhere) – give them some recognition and praise when they need it, hang that finger-painting proudly on the fridge!


Last month your focus was on nourishment for your body and soul, this month it’s about discovering who you are and who you want to be; unearthing (what a great word!) your True Self… Stand barefoot on the earth and feel your connection to her, imagine a surge of energy rising up through your feet and filling your body with brilliant white Light, you feel energised and alive this month. Now is the time to observe and learn about yourself through your relationship with others, especially around the Full Moon on the 9th, the Leo Moon reflects the Aquarius light of the Sun and gives you the opportunity to discover yourself from a unique perspective only available to you now. Sit in the Full Moon’s energy (you don’t have to be able to see it to do this), close your eyes and absorb the teaching it is giving you. This month you may be moving house or at least feeling the urge to move or redecorate, perhaps it’s enough to change the colour scheme, hang some new pictures, or add a few colourful throw pillows – you need change around your home to reflect your True nature as you discover who you truly are…


If you don’t already have a space set aside for yourself, now is the time to create it. Throw some pillows in the corner, some soft lighting, a little shelf with that shell, rock, or little piece of driftwood (that you just love but can’t put your finger on the reason why), – and sit in the energy you’ve created. You need to spend some quality ‘quiet time’ either meditating, daydreaming, listening to tranquil music, or lazily browsing through some colourful magazines… Just get to enjoy some time alone. If you can’t manage it every day, then give yourself little bit of time as often as you can – even thinking about your little space can relax you. Last month you were looking at your dreams for the future, perhaps this month you could create a ‘vision board’ to reflect what you found, cut out pictures and words from those magazines you’re lazily browsing through and stick them on a board! Your thoughts may be a little ‘billowy’ for the first half of this month and this feels more natural to you than you care to admit, communication is more on an intuitive level now and sometimes it’s hard for you to explain this to people. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on the 17th making it even more essential for you to respect your need for peaceful moments alone. As the Sun moves into your sign on the 19th, you’ll feel renewed and restored especially if you’ve honoured yourself and your needs this month, like a sapling in a forest, you turn your head to the Pisces Light and breath in the life giving energy it is sending you.    

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