Your January 2020 Stars – Be Bright & Shiny lovely people…!🌟🌸🌟

All dates referred to are AEST.


You may be feeling a little trapped and constricted energy-wise to begin the New Year, however when the Guide of your sign Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 3rd, you’ll begin to feel a little more freedom and this will help to energise you. You may find you have a desire to learn more about a topic related to either your current career or something you’ve been thinking about recently, perhaps you’re looking to change your vocation entirely. Questions may arise around your core beliefs that may help to guide you as your path becomes clearer, have faith that the experiences you need will arise when you need them. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 11th highlights your home/work balance, be careful not to overlook how a change or adjustment to your career could affect your home life as well. Perhaps these career shifts will transform the way you see this balance in your life and you may begin to ask yourself how you can make a more stable foundation from which to launch from.


As the New Year’s party poppers are gently floating to the ground, your thoughts may be of far away lands, of journeys not yet experienced. You have the capacity this month to manifest an adventure, you don’t have to jump out of an aeroplane or scale a mountain, adventures can take many forms. A culinary cruise, a wine-tasting quest, these are equally valid adventures to be had. The Eclipse on the 11th may bring thoughts of shorter journeys, exploration of the amazing attractions that are on your doorstep but overlooked until now, think of activities that nurture you and bring you joy, they’re the things you should be doing this month. When the Guide of your sign Venus moves into Pisces on the 14th,  you may find you crave a little ‘alone time’, perhaps a visit to an art gallery or listening to some classical music of a ‘watery’ nature, or even sitting by a waterfall you find on one of your journeys and just being with the sound of the water splashing on the rocks – if you can’t get to the waterfall, find a CD or video of a waterfall and just close your eyes and travel there within yourself.


It’s not a favourite topic for you but money and finances may be highlighted this month. You may have been thinking about a project that may increase your coffers to begin this New Year with the potential for greater reserves than you ended the last year with. The Eclipse on the 11th may help you with this if you use the energy of it to work on your skills and focus on what you enjoy doing, things that are supportive and that foster a sense of nourishment to your soul. These are the things that will help you to become more financially sound in the future. Your sign’s Guide Mercury is sitting right amongst the Eclipse action, you may find you have a lot to say as there is so much information coming to you, it may be wise to write it all down as you receive it and you can revisit it later to make sense of it. On the 17th Mercury moves into Aquarius, prompting you to think outside the box, new ideas and novel concepts may pop into your mind, don’t ignore them – these may be the seeds of new things to come.


If you’re in a relationship prepare yourself, this month is a month of shifting perceptions for you and your partner. The way you see your relationship with your significant other is evolving, expanding; it may be maturing into a deeper and more transformative relationship or it may be that you suddenly realise you feel trapped and need to move on. Either way just sit with these energies don’t make any erratic emotional decisions until you’re sure – the potential depth of the relationship may scare you, don’t let fear be your guide. If you’re single, this month you may meet someone who will expand your vision of how a relationship could be. The Eclipse on the 11th may bring clarity for you – the Moon (your sign’s Guide) is full and shining down on you from your sign of Cancer. It’s shining the Capricorn Sun’s light on you to teach you. Listen… This is a time to be kind to you. We are taught to ‘listen’ to others when we are in conversation, now you must sit and ‘listen’ to yourself, have a deep conversation with yourself during the eclipse, you might have some profound insights to tell yourself…


Check in with your body this month, do some grounding exercises to connect more with your physical self. Do some ‘earthing’ – walking barefoot on the grass, sand or soil, walking on the beach and soaking in all those glorious positive ions – whatever you do, do it mindfully… This month may be about introducing more exercise into your daily routine, initiating better eating habits or it may just be about noticing your body, accepting your body and loving your body. Look at your day to day routine, can you introduce a sacred morning ritual like meditation or ‘earthing’ to start the day centred and grounded? The Eclipse on the 11th is an opportunity to soak in the Sun’s rays at night, and to learn about how to transform and expand yourself through self-nurturing and self-acceptance. The Sun is your sign’s Guide, and every Full Moon you have the opportunity to bath in the Sun’s light at night, during an eclipse is a very potent time to do this.


There is a ‘creative vibe’ around you this month. You feel the stirrings of something manifesting within you and by the 11th (the day of the Eclipse), you are just bursting to let the energy out. Do it…! It’s important this month for you let your creative juices flow, and if you’re not someone who usually exercises your creative muscle, just play with it. Perhaps you’d be inclined to share your creation with your friends, or to hang it in a prominent position in your home, sharing it is important – there will be others who can relate to it in some way, don’t underestimate how you can transform someone else through sharing what you create. On the 17th Mercury (your sign’s Guide), moves into Aquarius, now your creative energy is rushing through you like an electric current, Uranus changes direction on the 17th too so it’s like your batteries just got a recharge! I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what you create this month!


You’re comfortable at home this month, although you may be tempted to shift the furniture around to reflect the changes and shifts in energy going on around you. Your philosophies and beliefs around home and family are fluid at the moment. Where or who is my home? What is a family? You’ll be questioning these concepts, and to begin your internal dialogue, I’d like to suggest you look within to find both… The Eclipse on the 11th will bring all your questions into sharp focus, with the Moon (which traditionally represents these concepts) shining from Cancer with a Capricorn tinged light, offering you the opportunity to channel the answers to these and other questions on the topics of home and family. You are feeling your foundations expanding and contracting, shifting and changing but you need not worry… you’re on stable ground this month, you can feel the solid earth beneath you – so amidst the transformation you’re perceiving you also sense there is a stable and solid base you can connect to. Your sign’s Guide, Venus is moving into Pisces on the 14th, this is a time to reflect on your ritual around your home and family, some softer touches around the home may sooth you and stimulate your sensual side. Play classical music and bathe in scented waters – at home…


I have one word for you Scorpio – Journaling. The beginning of this year is the perfect time for you to begin this ritual. This month you have a lot to jot down, there’s a lot of dark stuff you’d like to release and as you do you’ll find the space left behind is filled with expanded light. You can manifest through your writing this month, so once the darker thoughts are liberated, use this opportunity to write down what you want for the coming year. Be creative with it, get out your old colouring pencils and fill that page in with colour and flourishes. The Guide for Scorpio is Pluto and this month Pluto is bringing his depth and passion to a conjunction with Saturn on the 13th – the day after the Eclipse. This is a big meeting; we’ve been waiting for it for a while and it signals for you a time of magical manifestation. You may find yourself feeling restless early in the month when your sign’s traditional Guide Mars moves into Sagittarius and you might find yourself looking for something to satisfy a sudden urge for adventure. Plan some daytrips where you can create some exciting fodder for the journal. The Eclipse on the 11th stimulates further your need to record your experiences and your journaling takes a turn towards the philosophical and spiritual side…


What do you really want? What is it that you’re passionate about? This month it’s time to sort out your priorities so you can get on with the important stuff for the rest of the year. Perhaps a clear out of all the clutter, simplify your life. Do the things that matter to you, the things you’re good at, the things that when you do them you lose time… The Flow. That’s where anything that matters in life is done. There is so much you’re good at, pick one and run with that. Okay you can pick two. At a time. Ha!! I’m just saying to focus so you can enter the Flow, if your attention is scattered, you’ll miss the turnoff. Your Guide Jupiter is in Capricorn this year and things feel a little serious and claustrophobic, so just breath…This month there’s a lot of activity in this Capricorn region of the sky. The Eclipse on the 11th may have you asking the big questions, you know the ones – death and taxes – the first intrigues you, the second you’re just not interested in – as Ben Franklin said: “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. This month, look at how money energy comes to you, can you transform your skill set just a little and use the concept of the Flow to make your work your passion? It might be worth the effort; it’ll make the rest of the year a joy.


It’s all about you this month Capricorn! There’s so much activity in your sign this year, and this month is where the rubber hits the road…! You start the year with a personal overhaul, you’ve been feeling some melancholy for a while now and it’s time to recognise that you’re not alone, there are many people feeling emotional of late and they don’t all have Capricorn Suns. Put yourself out there, talk about it to someone, you might be surprised that other people are having the same internal struggles that you are. What to do? There’s a big energy coming in the form of an Eclipse on the 11th, it may feel challenging, but this is a great time to bring in some nurturing, be gentle with yourself and those around you. The day after the Eclipse your Guide Saturn will be in conjunction with Pluto… we’ve been waiting for this one. It’s big. But we’ve been feeling it for some time and will continue to do so for a while yet. It’s amplified by the Eclipse but also softened, the Moon is gently guiding us by shining the Capricorn light from a Cancer perspective, and she says “softly, softly, softly” – put your arms around yourself and give yourself a full reassuring hug, a little rocking back and forth like you were nestling a babe in your arms wouldn’t hurt. Love your inner child now, he or she needs love. So be prepared for some inner and outer transformation work this month, there’s a beautiful and powerful energy of manifestation this year, and this month you have this power at your disposal to tap into and create the you that you want to move into 2020 with. I can’t wait to see how you transform yourself – I’m thinking an emerging butterfly and brightly coloured wings with shiny jewels attached… The sky’s the limit, what can you envisage for yourself?


This month you may feel a little out of sorts, like you can’t find your feet and perhaps a little overindulging during the festive season has taken it’s toll. January is a time for you to take it slowly, be mindful of your diet and eat only foods that will nourish your body and soul. The Eclipse on the 11th brings your health into focus and you may find that you feel reborn and renewed after some nurturing and supportive foods. On the same day your Guide Uranus moves direct after being in retrograde motion since August, your energy levels should start to improve, and you may find your nervous energy now has an outlet. You may feel more in tune with the natural order of life and if you open to the possibility of your own intuition, you may receive guidance that will set you on a karmic path… The traditional Guide of your sign Saturn will be in conjunction with Pluto on the 13th, don’t be too serious, you may feel things deeply at this time but play with the energies, there’s so much going on but take time out for yourself. This month it’s very important for you to have ‘alone’ time, meditate, daydream, set aside some time to imagine your life for 2020, you are offered every possibility and opportunity this month if you can only imagine it. Have a notebook by the bed so you can write down your dreams as you will be having many worth remembering this month. 


Spread your wings little butterfly it’s time to socialise!! This month you have the bird’s eye view and you’ll be jumping into a vortex of social gatherings. Just watch the drama as it unfolds before you and don’t be tempted to immerse yourself in it, stay with your view from the mountain and enjoy the fun. This month is a veritable hot pot of possibilities for you, think about your dreams for the future, what have you been hoping for and who are your friends in this new world? Some friends may move on and new ones will find you, it’s okay – this is meant to happen, your ‘friend profile’ is changing to reflect who you are becoming – so dream big! The Eclipse on the 11th brings a creative surge, perhaps a group project where you can cross pollinate with other like-minded butterflies to create something amazing…! Your Guide Neptune is in your sign for another few years, so the messages should be flowing thick and fast in your dream world and perhaps in other forms if you’re open to receiving them.

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