Your July 2020 Stars – Be Bright & Shiny…!🌟🌸🌟

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Horoscopes July 2020
Horoscopes for July 2020


 With your Guide Mars now in your sign the energy is high this month, let off some of that steam that you’ve been accumulating over this time of isolation. Your temper may be close to the surface at the moment, be wary of directing that ‘steam’ towards others, remember they’re also frustrated and confused by the world at the moment and they may also need to release some pressure. You’re finally beginning to feel some direction and drive again, particularly around home and family, perhaps you feel motivated to do some work around the house and garden. While you’re busy-bee-ing this month, don’t overdo it – you’ll be wanting to do everything at once, but keep an eye on your stress levels, if you overdo it you’ll burn out. Patience is needed particularly around family and in the home, you may find it hard to say what’s on your mind, the words just don’t seem to express your thoughts adequately.


The first half of the month may be a little frustrating where communication is concerned, it’s a time for listening and measured speech. Just be aware that you may be misunderstood or not heard when you need someone to really ‘hear’ you, or alternatively you may find it difficult to understand the message someone is trying to express to you. You will find it easier to stop struggling to get your point across, pull back from the ‘need’ to be heard by others and use this time to become clear on what it is you’re actually wanting to say – be your own ‘listener’ –  clarify your needs, your desires, and you’ll find your words will flow clearly when they need to. Money matters may need some attention this month, just to keep your finger on the pulse of what direction you need to move towards in this regard – buy a Tatts ticket – you never know, this might be your month!!                                                                                                            


You may be looking at your resources and reassessing their value, perhaps you need to clear out some things you’ve been holding on to. Try selling them online or have a garage sale to make some extra cash – it takes the edge off parting with these things if you have a little more money at the end of the ‘letting go’ process…! Your Guide, Mercury is returning to forward motion again mid-month, you’ll have more buoyancy and clarity around your thoughts. There’s a charismatic charm exuding from you this month! You seem to attract people to you like moths to a flame, and they love to be around you. You’re feeling this energy too, look at yourself in the mirror – see how beautiful and attractive you are? If your self esteem needs some work, this is a wonderful time to really ‘see’ your beautiful Self and acknowledge your own worth. Other people see you this way – now it’s your turn to really appreciate your own value and recognise your own true nature.


You are safe now. There’s a lot going on in the world and you may feel frustration around wanting to take action but not sure where to concentrate your efforts. Let me help you with that – focus on you, put your energy into feeling safe and secure where you are now, right now… There is power in personal change, the development of one’s own sense of Self and how you want to be seen in the world – Investigate your ‘desire to be safe’, there’s an inner child that wants to speak to you, they need you to remember what made you feel safe when you were little. Does this still apply today? There’s another eclipse for you this month, a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th, it reflects the light of Cancer from the Moon in Capricorn, it’s asking you to release restrictions, frustrations, and to find the safe space inside you, to remember – you are strong, you are your own safety net, your own wellspring of support – there is a core of ‘changeless’ energy that exists in all things, it’s the state we all return to and this may bring you comfort to remember. The New Moon on the 21st is a gentle push to trust your own intuition at a deeper level, to trust in your own True nature…


Quiet contemplation… perhaps a walking meditation, just give yourself some time this month to become ‘mindful’, to acknowledge your need for peace and nurturing. During a ‘walking meditation’ “you walk as if you kiss the earth… as if you massage the earth with your feet” (a quote by Thich Nhat Hahn). Your usual ‘walking way’ is probably quite fast and striding, as if it’s about the arrival rather than the journey, switch that around this month and make the journey the goal, walk slower and with awareness in each step, make it not about how far you travel but the quality of each step. Observe your daily rituals, release those that are not adding to your wellbeing, perhaps add in some that you’d like to move forward with – like a daily ‘mindful walk’! You may be feeling a little out of your depth this month, a little nebulous, a bit vague…thoughts of past events and people may be lingering – it’s a signal that now is a time to appreciate the past that went before – the good and the bad – and to sit with the space you are occupying at this moment. Don’t plan for the future this month, be in the present moment as often as you can and respect the life that led you to this moment, to this now. The Sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, your focus will begin to shift and you’ll find that this month of ‘mindful practice’ has been very worthwhile.                                                                         


Appreciate your friends, both past and present. You may find that you bump into someone you haven’t seen for an age but is on your mind often, or it may be that this month you feel especially close to and nurtured by your friends. Mid month your Guide Mercury returns to forward motion, thought processes that were more internal begin to take shape in your ‘outer’ world, observe how thoughts become reality as this process unfolds. Be conscious of how long you spend online, it can be a healthy practice to set up regular  reminders on your phone to pull you out of the ‘mind’ world of technology and back to the ‘physical’ world of your body. The ringing of your phone isn’t usually used as a ‘mindful’ practice, but in your case this month it can be… most often it means a friend is in need of contact with you, use the ringing as a reminder to take a moment to breath and centre before answering, so you can be there in full awareness for your friend – and for yourself. Often we keep doing whatever we were doing before our friend called, be respectful of the interaction between you and focus only on them, you can pick up your previous task where you left off after the call.


Look at your career or your career aspirations, look deeply at how you feel about your current direction. It may be that you would feel better going in another direction, or you may realise that the path you chose (although you doubted your choice) is actually the right one after all. This month is not the time to change careers mid race, but it’s certainly time to sit with your choices and begin to make other plans if that’s how you feel. Cultivate the seeds of compassion and patience this month, you may be challenged when it comes to holding your temper or   understanding why you’re irritated, but if you focus on keeping your cool and staying grounded, especially in the workplace and at home (and at the moment, they may be both the same locale) you’ll find the fiery feelings will eventually subside. You may find some peaceful joy in a book that tells stories of foreign lands, or music that carries your mind to far away places, or do a virtual walk through an art gallery in another country (there are many online to choose from) – this will exercise your need for beauty – Librans benefit greatly from being in the presence of something beautiful, when you are struck by something indescribably exquisite like a painting that stirs you or a magnificent sunrise…


You are open to learning something new this month, is there a subject you’ve been curious about that you’ve been just dying to dive into? Now is the time to do that, whether you register for an online course or research it yourself (there’s so much information online these days – be discerning) you’ll find that if you care deeply about the topic you’ll be more able to hold onto the learning. Look at subjects relating to foreign languages, spirituality, philosophy, or you may have something in mind already – choose a subject that you care about, not something you feel you ‘should’ do.  You may find the day to day routine to be a bit challenging at the moment, you’re looking to experience more freedom and feeling frustrated with the habitual daily grind, be patient with yourself and those around you, this is a common complaint at the moment but you’re feeling it in a particularly intense way through July. You may find some form of freedom through a long drive in the country or a brisk walk in the park, or passionately immersing yourself into your chosen subject and making this a part of your new daily ritual.


There are those that are consumed by their past, anxious by their future, and they live bound up by anger and resentment. This is not usually your modus operandi; you most often have an optimistic outlook on life – but currently it’s being challenged. Stresses are creeping in, fears are peaking out from behind the curtain, and you are hard pressed to find the happy-go-lucky persona your friends love. Perhaps you are going through a ‘metamorphosis’ of sorts, maybe you need to stay cocooned a little longer – this is not a cocoon of restriction, but of ‘transformation’. It’s time to nurture your self for a while, give yourself some of the wise counsel usually reserved for friends and other lucky souls who often seek you out for your astute perceptions. You need to rest in the waters of life for a while, let them gently nurse you and sustain you while you go within to seek out your own depths. It’s an adventure, and you love those… this one is a little different but you’ll emerge a bright butterfly at the other end, you’ll look the same to everyone else but inside you’ll know you’ve changed, only you can see your wings.


The headiness and pressure of the past couple of weeks will be beginning to release, but there will be more to come. Don’t be upset by this, it’s all a part of the natural cycle and is to be embraced not shunned. You can’t ignore the fact that you’ve been challenged lately, more than usual. It’s a big year for all of us, but you are feeling it viscerally, tangibly, and now is time to show up for yourself, practice present moment mindfulness – just close your eyes and listen to your heart beating, feel your hands pulse with the blood running through them – this is life, you are here, it is now. So just ‘show up’ as often as you can, for yourself and also for those you care about most in the world (be they human, cat, or dog lol!!) this is a gift, it’s not something we do often enough – being mindfully in the ‘Now’ for ourselves or others, but even just one minute in this space, as an offering – is a great and precious thing. Your Guide Saturn, is entering your sign once again on the 2nd, time is a meaningless thing at the moment, it feels fluid and ungrounded, but even so, things may begin to make a little more sense to you for a while. On the 5th a Lunar Eclipse shines the light of Cancer down via the Capricorn Moon and filters this light via all of us here on earth, it’s a time for nurturing and ‘showing up’, for realisations that have been on the edge of your conscious mind for a while – they’re now within your grasp.


The body-mind connection is highlighted for you this month. Watch your health routines and be discerning with what you feed your mind, make sure both are noshing on nutritiously sustaining foods and wisdom nuggets. There’s a lot of ‘fast food’ style information out there at the moment; as you absorb the information be aware of your tendency this month to retain even the tainted scraps, a detox may be on the cards for you. Body and mind detox… Turn off the news, social media, gossipy friends; turn on to the nourishment of good foods, a magnesium salt bath, daily soul nutrition in the form of a good book, good friends, and uplifting experiences that you enjoy. Come back to the joy of a daily and beneficial routine, ritual – re-engage and re-energise with activities that you do on a day to day basis, they need not be boring, or restrictive – if you bring a sense of awareness to them they transform into a daily exercise in mindful presence – and you’ll see them in a different light. The future is being created of the present, so the best and most reliable way to a look after the future is to take care of the present moment.


There are a lot of disturbing things in the world at the moment, you want to help but what can you do, you’re just you. Well ‘You’ is how change begins, it’s the only way change and transformation can happen. You don’t have to change the world, just your perception of it. We each have a whole world inside us, every person has a different perception of the world but we all relate as if we all see it in the same way – we don’t – but we have always functioned this way and while it may seem flawed it works pretty well thank you very much. Bring your awareness back from a global perspective and look at what you can do locally. You’re feeling creative this month, it’s okay to bring some joy into your world – joy is infectious (in a good way!) – you can change someone’s day with a smile, or a kind word to a stranger, so many ways to bring a happy moment into someone else’s life – be creative with that! It’s totally within your power to create a more harmonious world, right now…and it begins with YOU.

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