Your June 2020 Stars – Be Bright & Shiny…!🌟🌸🌟

All dates referred to are AEST


This month begins with some frustration around communication and connection, perhaps those Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, and group texts with friends have been taking their toll. Too much time spent online and not enough physical contact is not healthy for the spirit. This month you must reassess the ways you are communicating, perhaps you’re finding it hard to hide your frustrations during meetings online – it’s harder to keep those feelings to yourself when you’re in the comfort of your own home, sometimes you let fly with a comment you can’t take back or an eye roll that’s caught on camera…! When your Guide Mars stumbles bleary eyed out of Pisces and back into your Sign on the 28th, you should begin to feel your familiar self returning, your energy reserves will again be refilled and you’ll feel more comfortable getting out of those PJ’s and into some ‘daytime’ clothes again! It might not feel like it, but it was actually some sorely needed downtime, you don’t often grace yourself with moments of stillness, but now you’ll see that it helped you prepare for the return of your strength and focused energy.


Do something that makes you feel indulgent this month, pamper yourself a little. Your Guide Venus is retrograde until the 25th, she has disappeared from the evening sky while passing between the Sun and the earth and will be visible again as a morning star mid month. Venus is beginning a new cycle, it’s like being reborn into a new skin. She is much closer to the earth at this time as well, it’s a perfect time to embrace and celebrate your ‘Yin’ nature, to consciously connect this part of you back to the earth, you could do this through a purposeful ceremony or even just by being out in nature and making the conscious intention to connect to the feminine within you, we all have feminine and masculine parts of ourselves. It’s also a great time to go through your ‘baggage’, you can do this literally by sifting through all the things you’ve been holding on to for a ‘rainy day’ – but do it mindfully, with a deep respect for the place these ‘things’ held within you  – however, once you’ve let go, don’t let a substitute or replacement come back in. That ‘space’ doesn’t need to be filled with more ‘stuff’, we need ‘space’ more than we need ‘stuff’. Recognise the connection between the space you’ve made in your home and the space you’ve now manifested inside yourself… Now you’re feeling ‘lighter’ and your perspective has shifted, you can begin to ask yourself “what is really important to you and why?” You’ll find that the ‘space’ you’ve created gives you room for new thoughts and ideas, room to ruminate and contemplate, suddenly your mind is less cluttered too…


Put yourself out there this month, it’s your shiny self we want to see! There’s been a ‘softer edge’ to your bubbly charms at the moment and it’s quite charismatic. People are drawn to you, you’re in a quieter space than usual(!), and you’re finding it easier to listen than to talk – people like to be listened to. This isn’t a familiar space for you being the storyteller that you are, but you’re finding it strangely engaging and you’re learning a lot about yourself through this ‘listening’ thing, how weird is that? Take a break from being the life of the party, let someone else entertain you for a change! Your Guide Mercury is moving retrograde in Cancer on the 18th, your vivid imagination is emphasised and it’s a great excuse to get your cute nose into a beloved book or 10. Your library is your one of your favourite places, your books are like old friends, visit them this month… They’re waiting to spend some quality time with you. The Full Moon on the 6th is a partial lunar eclipse, the Moon is in Sagittarius so it will be reflecting the ‘Gemini rainbow light’ from the Sun back to us on earth, it asks you to expand your understanding of yourself, see yourself from a higher perspective and perhaps reflect on how that energy can shine on others through you. Be the rainbow…


This is a month of introspection and communication with your inner self, connection with your true nature. Like a sculptor who chisels stone to expose the figure hiding beneath the dross, you are now ready to let the mask drop and expose the true you that has always been there, just waiting for the right moment to emerge into the light. Mercury is moving retrograde in your sign from the 18th, it’s time to open a communication with yourself, a dialogue that only you can hear, what is your true nature? How can I express my Truth to others? And more importantly What is my Truth? During a Mercury retrograde our right brain is activated, we are more creative rather than logical, perhaps there is a space here for you to move fluidly into these questions via this route rather than making something cerebral out of it. There is a Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 21st, happening just as the Sun and Moon enter Cancer, this is a space of mutual trust and powerful new beginnings, the New Moon (4.41pm, 0 degrees). You, like the Moon, need to feel that someone has your back, you could fall backwards into this person’s arms and be caught, supported. Who is that for you, a spouse, a partner, a friend, or perhaps it’s you…? Acknowledge that person, they are opening up to you in a deep way and may also need support or guidance from you.


Take a step back, now take another… maybe a couple more… now look at the situation from this new broader perspective. When watching a play or a movie, if you sit too closely you miss what’s going on at the edges of the stage or screen. Keep that in mind when you’re focusing in on the details of the situation that’s bothering you at the moment. Last month I asked you to be vigilant with your health, that continues for now and I’d like to add that you consider your daily routine, there are activities you definitely need to do more of and others you just know you should do less of. Most of us would acknowledge some bad habits we could do without – that’s because we’re not perfect… and that’s okay, you don’t have to be. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just take ‘small bites often’ to change an undesirable habit, and celebrate the small wins. You may find yourself wanting to spend time with a few select friends and re-evaluating others, it’s just that you have to ensure your time is spent with people that ‘support’ and encourage you. Bear in mind that they may do this not only with uplifting comments, but equally through well intentioned criticisms; so don’t let go of the ones that love you enough to be honest.                                                                                        


It’s time now to re-evaluate your contribution to society, to reassess your satisfaction level and to make some decisions around your vocational situation. There is a strange clarity around this for you at the moment, it’s not a logical thing but you feel it, you really just ‘know’ that there are adjustments you need to make so that the forward projections you’ve quietly committed yourself to can be met. Your Guide Mercury is moving retrograde from the 18th, this will  certainly enhance your sense of inner ‘knowing’ and you can more readily access your right brain intuition during this time as well. You may be holding your loved ones up to some high expectations this month, they are unlikely to meet your lofty requirements so before you hold them to account, ask yourself if you were expecting more than was reasonable to hope for – or are you finding that they are expecting more from you than you can give at the moment? It may go both ways but just be aware of the dynamic at play here, the higher the expectations, the less likely it is to achieve satisfaction and peace at the end of it. 


You’re dreaming of far away places, are they earthly places or ethereal realms? Either way you are raw and open to the beauty of everything you perceive, let it bring you a sense of peace amidst the chaos of the world. You are aware of a greater philosophy and understanding this month that explains things to you through feeling rather than words, it will give you a sense of peace if you don’t try to interpret the knowledge but rather embrace and embody it. Your Guide Venus is retrograde until the 25th, she has already disappeared from the evening sky and is passing between the Sun and the earth and will be visible again as a morning star mid month. She is beginning a new cycle, it’s like a rebirth – much like the painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli – make it your screen saver for the month to remind you of the greater ‘play’ going on in the Universe. Watch your health this month, you are likely to forget your daily ‘healthy habits’ at times, once or twice won’t matter too much but just don’t make it a ‘bad habit’…!


You feel a need to deeply connect with someone, even more than usual – however, it may be more of a ‘mind connection’ you are craving. You are experiencing an intense need to communicate your deep and profound understandings and philosophies, and perhaps finding it too much to put into words – if those words existed at all – but you may make the mistake of trying anyway. If you notice the other person’s eyes glaze over you know you’ve lost them…back track and take a lighter path of explanation, it’s not that they don’t or won’t get it but they may just take different roads to get to the same place, you like to take the dark forest path while most people would rather take the detour through the fields…! Home is your sanctuary from the world at the moment, here you can pretend things are as you desire them to be. Finances are a focus this month, you should reassess your economic situation and you may find the answers are right in front of you, let logic go and embrace your intuition – begin with communication, be deeply honest with yourself about this, what really needs to change and do you have new motivations that are driving you these days that are different from the driving passion you began with?


We sometimes mistakenly look at our relationships and believe that it’s just a matter of ‘love’ when in fact it’s way more than that. It’s not just a case of ‘we love therefore we are’, the combination of 2 people living together is complicated, it takes constant attention and care to make it work. It actually begins with the relationship you have with yourself – that’s what makes the difference between a good and a great relationship. So this month, nurture the most important relationship you have in your life, the one you have with yourself. Trust me, the rest will follow. If you work on this in an honest and open-hearted way, all the relationships in your life will benefit. The eclipse on the 6th of June (Full Moon) has the Moon sitting in Sagittarius reflecting the light of Gemini, it’s a beautiful time to listen to the stories it has to tell. Like a prism, it cracks open the pure white light of Sagittarius into the rainbow colours of Gemini – many colourful stories that will take you to the same beautiful understanding – that relationship is always a reflection, a gateway through which we learn about ourselves and therefore the All.


Keep your equilibrium this month, you may need to look at some of your everyday habits that might require a little ‘tweaking’, a tiny change here and there may just make all the difference. Just repeating – equilibrium, balance; you’ll be able to ‘feel’ in your body if something you are doing is not conducive to maintaining that steadiness. Practices like yoga or Qi Gong will help you with this, they will also help you to become more aware of your body and your body will thank you. It’s time to revisit your diet also, you may be eating things that were beneficial once but now your body is different, it’s changed, so you need to alter what you are putting into it as fuel. ‘Eat a rainbow’ is very apt for you at the moment, it ensures you are getting a diet of many different fruits and vegetables. Eat your food mindfully, absorb the colours as you eat them. There’s a creative flow at play here, a sense of nurturing the soul as well as the body, and therefore creating a balance between the two. 



There’s a creative zing in the air this month, and there’s a seriousness to your ‘play’ as well, it’s actually something that you need to do, to feel some sense of freedom again. Where will you focus this energy? It seems likely to be around your home, and perhaps a little reinvention on a personal scale as well. Maybe it’ll be the creation of a small corner in a quiet room for your meditation practice, perhaps a few throw rugs and pillows to brighten up the lounge, or even some pictures (did you paint them yourself?) for the walls. Surprise yourself, you are more than capable of creating an atmosphere that’s original and completely YOU! Are you feeling the urge to reinvent yourself as well, and come out of isolation a new version of your old self? Well this is the month to do it, if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts this month, perhaps isolation is beginning to take it’s toll on your sanity – there’s freedom to be had in self expression. Go through your wardrobe and find the clothes you’ve never been able to throw away, the expressive, flowing numbers that you somehow lost the confidence to wear… now is the time!


‘Home is where the heart is’ comes to mind this month. While the world has gone mad, your focus is on your home, your heart. It is from this stand point that you can then look out on the craziness and make some sort of sense of it all. Take a moment to really appreciate the time and quiet peace that this period in history has given us all. You can see that this event has given us new ‘foundations’ to grow towards a lighter and brighter future. It might be a nice time for you to assess your home-space, there is an opportunity now for you to change anything that isn’t working for you, anything that isn’t ‘jiving to your vibe’…! You’ll see things that have stood out to you for a while, things that aren’t working in a balanced way in your environment – pictures that you continually have to straighten, rugs that ‘just don’t work in that room’, or an empty space that ‘just needs something in the colour of cyan’ to make it work. You seem to have an ‘eye’ for these things at the moment, it’s a ‘Feng Shui’ kind of thing and it’s important to create a ‘flow’ in your home so you can feel comfortable – and that it reflect who you are – a house that you can grow in.

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