Your March 2020 Stars – Be Bright & Shiny lovely people…!🌟🌸🌟

All dates referred to are AEST


Slow it down this month… breath… now close your eyes and really ‘feel’ into your emotional body… where in your body is your current feeling residing? Acknowledge it, don’t judge yourself for feeling it – just let it flow through you, move your body, dance your body, slowly unwinding the feeling and releasing it. Tune in to your body, it has so much to communicate to you if you just respect it enough to listen. This is also a great way to ‘ground’ and ‘centre’ yourself, especially this month as you may be feeling a little vulnerable and moody. You’re just more open to the energy around you at the moment, it may be that you’re reacting to energy that’s not yours – reflect on that – if you suddenly move into some lower vibrational feelings, just quietly ask if they are yours and if they are not, make a statement like “I release this emotion with love and return it to it’s source”, or something similar that works for you. You may experience some very intense feelings this month, keep some awareness around this and be aware of ‘flying off the handle’ or of being reactionary, if you feel or notice this happening try practising the technique above. There may be some emotions that need to be honoured and experienced, when you feel this is the case just give yourself some space to cry, scream, yell or even to laugh your way through them. As the Sun moves into your Sign on the 20th   you may feel the familiar fire and internal power returning, and with the New Moon in your Sign on the 24th you become aware of an inner transformation that you are more than ready for.    


This month your challenge is to recognise what it is you truly want. If you had a genie in a bottle, what would your 3 wishes be? You’re not allowed to wish for more wishes, and you can’t make a wish for anyone else, these must be just for you with no restrictions… no limits. Even just letting yourself get into that sort of ‘no limit’ headspace might be a bit daunting but trust me… no – trust yourself and listen to what comes up for you. What is a ‘wish’ anyway? It can express a desire, a need or even a frustration, for this exercise dismiss these kinds of wishes and go for a big picture wish. I’m not saying it will come true (I’m not saying it won’t either) but just expressing this in a heartfelt way will begin to change the pattern of vibration around you and therefore what you are attracting will also change. As your Guide Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th, you become more keenly aware of what it is you truly want to attract into your life.


As the Sun strides forward, Mercury (your Guide) is still determined to backtrack across old ground, but on the 10th he stops – “All right stop. Collaborate and listen” does he have these iconic lyrics in his head? Who’s to know but I know I do… Then he quickly spins around to move forward again, “Quick to the point, to the point, no faking” he’s a fun dude and likes Vanilla Ice – don’t judge him. As he strides into Pisces again on the 16th he has Whitney Houston blasting “I will always love you” on the headphones… Pisces brings out the romantic in him, but he also feels a little out of his depth here and singing calms him. This month the energy may feel a little ‘thick’ at times, but it’s just asking you to slow down, don’t rush, we’re moving forward again, and it may take a little while to get back into the swing of things. You love nothing more than a meaty intellectual conversation to pass the time, but this month your thoughts may be a bit muddled. Just focus on what’s ahead of you, move confidently forward beating to the tune of your own playlist, I won’t tell anyone if Vanilla Ice is still on it somewhere…


You feel a deep honesty within you this month, you are both consciously and subconsciously assessing your beliefs and discarding those that no longer serve you, through this process you may find some residual emotions rising to the surface; like bubbles they burst when they reach the air and release what was ‘stuck’ within them, this can be gorgeously cathartic or they may stir up some mud with them, either way just ‘go with the flow’ and gently move through it. When Mercury moves direct again from the 10th, this process is on a more conscious level and you can see how it has been working through you. Tears can be purging, cleansing and not always a symptom of sadness, on the contrary, you are feeling quite optimistic this month and if you bring some of this honesty into your own internal dialogue you’ll know that this was a necessary process. One of the lessons within the Cancerian energy is to learn that security can and should be found within, not from outside sources, perhaps this is a concept that you can use to fuel some of your work this month.  


This month you don’t feel as ‘shiny’ as usual, that’s okay… no, really it is. If you’re always shining brightly people get used to it and then you have to really puff yourself up to be seen next time, by having the odd month of being a little less ‘out there’ you don’t have to work so hard at the ‘shiny’ stuff later on. You may feel like you’re not ‘being seen’ and that others aren’t recognising your confusion; this will pass, and you’ll begin to feel more like yourself again when the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th. Give yourself a break, you expect so much from yourself that sometimes you forget to shine brightly just for you. Take your hands off the rudder this month and just let the wind guide you on the water of life – this is a time to trust that the Sun will always rise, and the day will always follow the night. If you get a chance to watch a sunrise this month, watch it with the idea of ‘trust’ in mind, as you witness the dawn know that the Sun is something in which you can always place your confidence and your faith.


There may be a loved one you have placed on a pedestal this month, beware of your expectations – if these are not met, is it your loved one that is to blame or the yard stick against which you are measuring? You tend to desire perfection in yourself and by extension – your mate – this is highlighted this month. Whether or not you have a partner, you may see this reflected in the relationship you have with yourself and it may be that it is you that you are holding up to your lofty ideals. On the 10th there is a Full Moon (4.47am AEST) and the Moon will be in your sign of Virgo reflecting to earth the rays of a Pisces Sun, on the same day (2.48pm AEST) your Guide Mercury moves direct – so the 10th is particularly significant to you, it is a day where you can literally ‘reflect’ on this lesson and observe yourself (much like the Moon and Sun are doing) and your actions within relationship – with a significant other and/or with yourself. Most relationships reflect our own personal relationship with ourselves anyway, we attract that which we subconsciously believe we deserve, so if your relationship is wavering or at worst, toxic – the first place to look is your feelings and beliefs about yourself – let the Moon teach you how to find the perfect relationship – it starts with you.


Is there a ritual, routine or habit that you need to look at this month? Perhaps you could observe the subconscious ‘sub routines’ that you engage in daily. Just by bringing some awareness to them will bring them to light. Some will be of no concern and may be necessary to continue, others may be damaging you slowly and may need some immediate adjustment. Look at your health also, perhaps you find some unhealthy habits are the ones you need to focus on. Consider building up your immune system this month too, take care that you’re eating well and nourishing your body. Release the old rituals that no longer serve you and embrace the new ones… Your Guide Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th,  you may become more aware of what it is you want to bring into your life, your daily habits and routines can create your future so think about what you want to generate in your life and introduce the daily habits to support your vision.


Imagination, creativity, inspiration – how do you express your originality? Think about how you’d like to communicate the depth of passion you feel when you experience something that has a profound effect on you. If you already express yourself in paint, words, photography, or another medium, you may find this month is especially buzzing with that creative energy. If you’re not the artistic type, perhaps you’d find this part of yourself in another aspect of your life – creativity isn’t always art-based, it can be how you arrange your home, how you present a meal, how you speak, move or walk. We are creative beings, it’s as natural to us as breathing. There may be some tension towards the end of the month, you may be quick to anger or assume the worst of a comment or a situation, hold your space and bring yourself to a calm centre if you feel this happening to you. Taking a step back and assessing before you react is a wiser course of action.


Your home space may feel a bit undefined for you this month, as you move through the space that you know well you may be feeling at odds with the familiar environment. It’s like it’s taken on a new energy, or has it lost something that you’ve forgotten was part of it? You can’t put your finger on the changes, but it definitely feels weird. So, is it the space, the room, the furniture, the house itself that’s different – or is it you? Remember how we looked at communication from a heart-space with others last month? This month it’s back to the heart, back to the hearth. Heart within the home, notice the space in your home that you thought of as soon as you read that last sentence – now go to that place, stand there, feel it. This is the heart chakra of your home, if you’re a ‘crystal person’ you might like to choose a crystal to place there for this month, honouring the space. This is a month where boundaries are a little nebulous, and when it comes to a home it can be unnerving to feel like yours are not quite as solid as you assumed.


There is an energetic shift for you this month, your Guide Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 22nd, he’ll be back in Capricorn for a brief visit later in the year but for now the Aquarian influence will be strong. It may feel like your safe, stable, and structured environment is threatened, but it’s just a shift, just a change. It’s not something you usually feel comfortable with but it’s okay, you’ll get through it. You have a natural innate strength and it’s something you know you have, it’s part of you. This month you may be misinterpreting things you hear, you may find yourself unable to adequately describe your feelings to others, and instead of being frustrated about this – now that you have advanced warning – wouldn’t it be more freeing to laugh at yourself and the situation instead? Give it a go, your reputation can take it, who cares what other people think – oh yeah… you do. So, do this as an experiment, try laughing when you’d normally take offence, smile when you’d normally cry – reach out and hug someone when your instinct is to duck into your shell. If nothing else, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and you can always go back to your old ways, they’ll jump back on board when you’re done experimenting if you let them.


How open are you to receiving? There are many avenues to think of here, how receptive are you to compliments, ideas, learning, gifts, and how open do you need to be? This month is a time to consider these ideas, you may like to observe your reactions when given a compliment, do you deflect it back with another compliment, vehemently disagree or do you graciously accept the gift as it was given? I’ve written a blog about this, here’s the link if you’d like to read my thoughts on the subject. Saturn is moving into Aquarius on the 22nd, it may be that an opportunity comes up where you can learn new skills or upgrade existing ones. It may bring out your serious side, but also be a tremendous grounding influence. Ground-breaking new concepts and inventions are possibilities here, if you’re open to that vibration as it whizzes by. Take notes as the ideas pop into your head, it may be the next new thing and you may be the person to grab it before it bounces on to the next person vibrating at its frequency. That’s how ideas happen, they’re attracted to like vibrations and we (like antennas) receive them – ahh there we are, it’s all about ‘receiving’ this month.


Enjoy this beautiful misty space, you feel at home here in the undefined and boundless space of Pisces. It’s resistance to it that brings you to the problematic moments you experience. Pisces people are hypersensitive to external stimuli, you are often highly empathic, and difficulties arise when you can’t engage your ‘filter’, so too much information is coming in at once. This life is a journey of Self-discovery and this month you are the discoverer. The Sun is moving towards your Guide, Neptune and they ‘kiss’ on the 8th, there’s a song in my head as I write this: “I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey, Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah” to what was Seal referring to with the word ‘grey’ – he offered no explanation except to say it’s the listener that attaches their own images – I like this, very Piscean. So, as the Sun and Neptune meet, you feel everything at your core, you can’t help but be open to the energies around you – this is beautiful but you must be discerning about the energies and therefore the people you share space and time with. I leave you with these words from Seal’s exquisite song: “You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain… Baby, to me, you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny”…

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