Your May 2020 Stars – Be Bright & Shiny…!🌟🌸🌟

All dates referred to are AEST


The first half of this month has you seeking out the freedom you were craving in April, although you have to admit it’s less intense, you’re learning to manage it now. Mars is moving to Pisces on the 13th which may have you spinning around in circles, unsure of where you should be investing all that energy – I’d like to suggest that this month that excess energy could be used to learn new skills, new ways of connecting and sharing ideas from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Be gentle with yourself this month, sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time, and if you’re unable to do that ask yourself why? Is it that you’re body simply can’t sit still, is it your mind that’s too active, or is it in reaction to a belief that you ‘don’t deserve to rest’ or perhaps you see it as being ‘lazy’… either way investigate the source of your ‘stillness discomfort’ while being ‘STILL’ – a paradox perhaps but if you give meaning and purpose to your ‘sitting’ perhaps you’ll be more likely to maintain it for longer than 5 minutes.


You are shining this month; it is a time to make future plans and begin some goal setting for the coming months. You are feeling powerful, seeing things clearly, and feeling very stable in the midst of all this chaos. Go with it, enjoy this time of empowerment and focus. The Full Moon on the 7th has you focusing on relationships, are your expectations too high or is your significant other just not reaching high enough? Communication between you is deeper than usual, you may find this to be an opportune time to discuss openly what it is that you need from each other. With your Guide Venus moving retrograde on the 13th, this theme is continued – it’s time to reassess your values, what do you truly want for yourself going forward? This is a time to look even deeper into your relationships and consider what it is that you value most about the connection itself and also the person who is a part of it with you. It may have you reminiscing about lovers from the past, but don’t go down the road of ‘if only’ – it only leads to disappointment and clouds your perceptions. Think of them fondly and wish them well, then move forward…resist the temptation to travel back in time.


This month begins a little slowly, you may feel a bit low on energy and find your focus is turning inward, your natural curiosity is questioning everything at the moment and you’re surprised at how relaxed you are in the midst of all the uncertainty. As your Guide Mercury enters Gemini on the 12th and the Sun on the 20th, your friendly ‘conversational’ persona returns, and as Mercury is ‘kissed’ by retrograde Venus on the 22nd your inner poet may be liberated (you always knew you had one) so dash away to find thee a quill and ink and sit ye down to compose a limerick – or a sonnet, a verse, a rhyme, a haiku or a couplet. There may be a desire to change your appearance in some way, your subconscious wants to find ways to communicate on many levels at the moment and that includes the message you extend by your first impression to others. Communication is very important to a Gemini, this month you’re learning about other ways to do that. The New Moon on the 23rd is reenergising you for the coming year, it’s like a warm infusion of positive energy – carry it in your pocket in the form of a talisman, a beautiful Clear Quartz crystal would do nicely, to represent your love affair with knowledge and communication and to help you maintain clarity of mind.  


This month you feel more keenly the loss of physical contact with friends and family, you’re enjoying the time at home and that’s sustaining you however, you just want to hug everyone you know now, you’re over it, you’re ready for contact with the outside world again. You need to look for ways of sending ‘virtual hugs’ and that may mean more video calls to satisfy your empathetic and kind-hearted urge to connect. During the second half of the month you may begin to wax philosophical, to look at the bigger picture from a different view and to see your place in the larger whole. It may be confronting and it may be something you want to resist looking at but if you invite this energy in, it could help you to make some sense of what you see around you, the things that worry you and cause you anxiety. This tendency towards the deep-thinking and philosophic thought processes will continue into September while Jupiter retrogrades through your opposite sign of Capricorn, it’s effecting everyone however, it’s a little more intense for some signs especially Cancer and Capricorn.


There is something about being too ‘comfortable’ at your place of work, you don’t like it if you’re not being challenged or if your creative side isn’t being stimulated in some way. The ideas are there but they may not be flowing freely or perhaps they’re not as clear as you’d like them to be. Just trust that the seed has been planted and soon it will be clear what it is that you need to do. Relationship-wise it may feel like you’re going over old ground, rehashing something from the past, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, some things need to be revisited so you can clear up the misunderstandings or find clarity where there was confusion. You should be vigilant with your health this month also, there is a tendency to overlook your own care, and to be dismissive when it comes to your wellbeing. Nurture yourself with good food and gentle exercise and listen to your body if it tells you it needs care.


Your thoughts are of far away places this month, are there any countries you might like to visit one day? Perhaps now is the time to learn the languages you’d need in those foreign lands, or you could study each country and create an itinerary for the trip. You are quite receptive to learning at the moment so it’s a good time to begin the process. Give yourself some space for being creative, to initiate the conception of something that comes from deep within and may end up only making sense to you but that’s the objective – to bring something out from the conceptual realm into the physical so you can understand and integrate it more fully. Let this project be a move towards loving the you within, we all need help when it comes to Self-love. You may be a little nervous about delving in the deep end of your inner world but doing it with ‘creative play’ can make it more accessible and less intimidating. Keep it light and don’t over think the process, let it flow…



There may be some anxiety around the home front this month, try to take your focus away from the ‘appearance’ of your home and concentrate on how you ‘feel’ within it. It’s more important for you this month to ‘feel’ comfortable, safe and secure in your home, that may mean plumping the pillows rather than vacuuming, or creating a little reading nook instead of dusting… do the fun stuff this month not the ‘housework-y’ stuff. Focusing on the ‘home’ rather than the ‘house’ – this will help you to feel less stressed and more nurtured – it’s all about cultivating a feeling of security and relaxation within your home environment. With your Guide Venus moving retrograde on the 13th, it’s time to look at what you value and what you want for yourself going forward. This is a time to look at your relationships and consider what it is that you value most about them, what do you give to the relationships and what do you receive – and are you content with that exchange or do you need to address an imbalance? It may have you going down memory lane and remembering past friends and lovers, or you may find that you run into someone from the past that you thought you’d never see again…


There is a deep desire in you to communicate deeply with your loved one(s) this month however, you are struggling to put words to the necessary exchange. The words are too hard to unearth, how do you put words to feelings? Words only go so far and so often they miss the mark – you may be better to use actions to show someone how you feel. Scorpio, more than any other sign finds it so hard to align themselves in a relationship within the paradox in which they exist – they are attracted to independence, confidence, stability, but within a relationship they love so deeply and intensely that they pull the ‘other’ into themselves, they want to show their love by engulfing the ‘other’ in the hopes the ‘other’ will then understand the extent of their love – however, this only serves to erase or mask those traits which attracted them in the first place. It’s a conundrum, a riddle, a cruel joke perhaps. So how to ‘show’ how much you love if you can’t or shouldn’t absorb the ‘other’? Don’t underestimate the traditional signs of love and affection, like red roses, chocolates or a sonnet…! Words may only go so far but poetry – well that goes the rest of the way. If you can’t write your own, find a poem that speaks to your heart, it will inevitably speak to theirs too. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is a perfect time to test out the new ways to declare your love – if you’re unattached write yourself a love poem, buy yourself chocolates, and celebrate you!


Routine, you hate that word… but this month you may need to dive into it. It doesn’t have to mean same same same day in day out, mix it up a bit to keep you interested or you’ll give up on day 2. You hate to be predictable and that extends to yourself – you like to surprise yourself. So create a routine that repeats weekly rather than daily, exercise could change from yoga to dance, from walking to ‘free movement’, change the daily regime so that you don’t get bored, boredom is the natural enemy of the Sagittarian, even when you’re doing nothing you’re not doing nothing – you’re thinking, dreaming, thought casting… so much to do so little time. Are you doubting your skills or your ability to earn in this time of the new weird reality? With your Guide Jupiter moving retrograde on the 15th you may find that your finances are looking a little retrograde too. But this isn’t the time to worry about that, just let the natural cycles take care of you. Instead look at your beliefs and understanding of the world around you, look at the cycles that are unfolding and trust in the bigger picture – even while Jupiter appears to be going backward – we are not.  


This month you’re sort of happy to a bit of a hermit, you don’t want to be seen but you do need to see and care for yourself. How to nurture yourself this month… be creative, inventive, crafty – this is the focus of the month for you. Dig out those old paints, the scraps of wool from all those never made jumpers, find some scissors and glue and just make something. Anything (I’d personally draw the line at dry pasta murals – but if it floats your creative boat) – it’s just for you, not for anyone else unless you want it to be. Make it a crafting from the heart – let your heart speak to your canvas and pour it out thickly and luxuriously so that all your feelings are purged. Your Guide Saturn is moving retrograde on the 11th, it’s time to release the restrictions you place on yourself, your expectations are so high, give yourself a break from the stress of it all. You don’t like your creation? Don’t paint over it – no don’t do it! Keep it but just hide it, look at it when you need to. You may not realise the power of healing it contains, and you might just be creating it for a future you, not the ‘now you’… so hold it for the moment in the future when you need to see it and hold it again.   


Your ‘big picture’ stance on life is being reduced down to a microcosm viewpoint this month. To be more precise it’s looking at your home and how you are within it – how do you act within your home, are you alone or with other people, what is the difference to the ‘you’ at home and the ‘you’ outside the home? There may be some deeply existential questions you’re asking yourself lately, you’re looking at the connection between us and them, you and I, me and I. How are we all connected and/or not connected? What is the common ground between your sense of ‘home’ and your sense of Self? Your traditional Guide Saturn is moving retrograde on the 11th, also Jupiter (retrograde from the 15th) is nestled awkwardly between Saturn and Pluto, they’re all taking an uneasy stroll backwards together. There is an elephant in that room and perhaps it’s your job to point him out – I mean who else is going to do it? No one else even understands what I mean by that, but you do… You understand so much that you can’t articulate to others because they’d think you were a bit loopy – well are they wrong? It’s your blessing and your curse, you’re different to everyone else – you love that really, but sometimes – ahhh to be understood, to blend in… not for you Aquarius. Choose to love that about yourself…


You may feel like withdrawing from social commitments this month but the pull towards contact and communication with friends and family is strong, and they are your support group during this strange surreal moment in time so don’t withdraw completely. Keep your isolation sanity by going on short walks regularly, hug trees, taste rain, feel the sting of the wind on your face – commune with nature – talk to the trees, listen to their answer. Connect, don’t remove yourself from all social interactions, but be discerning, don’t let yourself be the load bearer of other people’s baggage and/or worries – from that task you can withdraw absolutely. Be conscious of what you let into your perceptive mind this month, read some poetry, a positive uplifting book, watch a movie that’s inspiring – limit your exposure to the news, negative friends, dispiriting situations. You are a little more vulnerable to absorbing the information floating around you this month, be aware of your boundaries and stay mindful of your environment.


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  1. Carolyn
    3 May 2020 at 2:25 pm

    I felt my horoscope was bang on Janine for both myself (Taurus ) and partner ( Scorpio )

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