‘Pray Rain’ for Australia

Jupiter in Capricorn – a reflection of what we are experiencing here in Australia. Jupiter is expansive, excessive, abundant, and is associated with the element of fire. Capricorn is associated with the element of earth, it’s Guide (Ruler) is Saturn, which is associated with restraint, boundaries, containment. Bringing these two energies together it’s not hard to see the connection to the fires ravaging this country.

The True Kindess of Money & Muffins…

For some reason we are hard-wired to reject compliments but to accept and receive criticisms. We somehow believe that if we say ‘yes thank you, I love my hair also’ that we are being vain and that’s just not so. We may feel we must quickly offer them a compliment in kind, but this is in effect ‘mirroring’ their gift back and is a cunning way to not fully receive the gift offered to you by them. It’s like letting someone buy you a coffee and immediately reimbursing them for it.

The Reiki Precepts, a Path to Awakening…

This is how we should use the Precepts; they are the ‘finger pointing to the Moon’ – we should use them to grow into our Awareness but don’t consider for a moment that they are the Truth themselves. We can get caught up on their various translations, which one is right and which version is closest to what Mikao Usui intended, but to me, as long as it remains simple and true to his intention – whatever works for you.

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