Card Readings

  • The Lunar Cycle Spread (Tarot or Oracle): $100
  • A series of 8+ cards to reflect the coming Moon Cycle, referencing the Astrology of the cycle also. This is a great spread to help you understand what you should be focusing on over the coming Lunar Moonth.
  • The Celtic Cross Spread (Tarot): $100
  • A classic spread used to investigate different areas of your choosing, but also a wonderful way to get a ‘general’ overview and guidance to help you on your journey forward.
  • The 12 month Spread (Tarot or Oracle): $100
  • A look into the year to come, a great way to begin a New Year or just to get a handle on what energies are surrounding you over the next 12 month cycle.
  • A 3 Card Reading (Tarot or Oracle): $60
  • A quick 30 minute reading, helpful if you just want some insight into something happening NOW!

You will receive a recording of the reading. 

Please book in here if you’d like a reading

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