Tarot & Oracle Cards

If you’d like a reading using either Tarot or Oracle cards I offer a couple of options, E-Readings (via email) or in person (prices in brackets below):

  • 2-3 card Spread (Tarot or Oracle): $40 ($60)

    • A quick but to the point reading.
    • It can be a useful tool to help you make a decision.
    • We will discuss the reading beforehand and decide what the cards should represent so they will best serve your needs.
  • The Lunar Cycle Spread (Tarot or Oracle): $80 ($100)

    • A series of 8 cards to reflect the coming Moon Cycle, referencing the Astrology of the cycle also.
    • This is a great spread to help you understand what you should be focusing on over the coming Lunar Moonth.
  • The Celtic Cross Spread (Tarot): $80 ($100)

    • A classic spread used to investigate different areas of your choosing, but also a wonderful way to get a ‘general’ overview and guidance to help you on your journey forward.
  • Combination Mini Astrological Reading & Tarot/Oracle 2-3 card spread: $100 ($120)

    • This is an effective way to delve into a single area of your life or a query you may have. It offers you the insight of the natal chart and the intuitive nature of the cards.


If you contact me via this link we can discuss your needs via email. I will forward you my Paypal details for payment and once I’ve done the reading for you I will send you a PDF copy of the reading, including a photo of the cards themselves.

If you’d prefer to organise a consultation please use the ‘Book a Consultation’ button at the top of this page or the ‘Contact Me’ page – find both options on the website.

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