The Addiction of Belief

Beliefs are the key. Our sub-conscious is the keyhole. The Present Moment is the doorway.

In any given moment, there is a doorway that must be consciously opened. Becoming cognisant of the door and the opportunity to open it, is called Awareness.

This is a good time to talk about our belief systems and how we are ‘addicted’ to them, as there’s a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune occurring in Pisces right now, (it is exact on the 12th of April (AEST)) that reflects this statement completely. Jupiter represents our beliefs and Neptune (and Pisces) is where our addictions hide, this alignment is a big one. These planets meet each other every 13 years but the last time they were in Pisces was in 1856 and the next time will be in 2188. Why is this significant? They both resonate well with the energy of Pisces, Neptune is the Ruler of Pisces and while Jupiter rules Sagittarius, his next favourite place to hang out would be Pisces; also, this is a very relevant alignment given the state of humanity as it stands at the moment.

The biggest and most disturbing thing I’ve learnt over the last 2 years, is how ‘mob mentality’ is so easily used and exploited by those people in positions of authority. I’ve been shocked and saddened by the number of people that have given away their Power and personal autonomy to that authority. It caused me to wonder why they would do this without question, examination, nor understanding.

Our belief system.

That’s what it comes down to. Sounds too simple doesn’t it… Beliefs underpin every decision we make, every action we take, every emotion; they’re basically software, essentially, we’re like a meaty computer. We are unconsciously acting out our lives according to our belief systems.

There are ways to change the beliefs that hold us back or no longer serve us in a positive way, and affirmations are one of the tools we commonly use. Unfortunately, we have many unconscious ‘foundational’ beliefs that make it extremely difficult to do this. Trying to change a belief we are aware of won’t work if it contradicts a foundational belief that is firmly planted in our sub conscious.

For example, when faced with something unfamiliar our subconscious scans through past events, (mainly the ones we stored up from childhood), to find something we can use as a ‘template’ to react from, if we come up lacking we tend to observe others reactions, we may mimic these emotions and actions basing this on the assumption (belief) that if this ‘unfamiliar’ thing is a  threat to my existence then I stand a better chance of surviving if I do what the majority is doing; also I won’t be singled out if I do what others around me are doing. To be an ‘outsider’, a ‘maverick’, means our survival may be threatened, it’s become one of our greatest triggers for fear. Likely this was a belief from childhood when we stood a better chance at surviving if we were part of the family tribe, it’s probably been part of our genetic belief system since caveman days.

There are many people (recently this has been exceedingly obvious) who were convinced they wanted to move in a different direction to the ‘mob’ they observed around them, but if their foundational belief of ‘I’m stronger if I stay with the majority’ was too strong, too compelling, fear takes over – (a sub conscious reaction to restore the bodies status quo) – and they re-join the ‘flock’, this stimulates all the appropriate happy and harmony type hormones to re-establish a sense of balance and calm, and it feels like a sign that they’ve done the right thing. It also validates another foundational belief that ‘I’ll be fine if nothing in my world changes’. Hence – the addiction of belief. It’s like a drug if used unconsciously. We can live in a world of illusion, (in fact we do, but that’s another blog for another time) where we allow ‘nothing in’ that would challenge our existing beliefs.  

Beliefs are the key. Our sub-conscious is the keyhole. The Present Moment is the doorway.

The most powerful tool we have in our ‘belief shifting arsenal’ is the Present Moment. From this position we can heal our bodies, restore our balance, and shift our perspectives – our beliefs. Meditation is a practice that can teach us from within how to find and repair the broken beliefs that we remain addicted to. When in this space things are clearer, deceptions are scattered, the illusory nature of reality is realised. This is our natural ‘happy place’, it’s also the place where we are centred most intensely in our Personal Power.

I often need reminding of this, we can all get lost in the ‘psychic soup’ of emotions and fear that are swirling around us. What I’m suggesting is that we start using a ‘lifeline’, something to tether us back to the Present Moment, pluck us out of the ‘belief software’ of our minds and anchor us back into ourselves. For me, that’s meditation – when I stray from it, it’s almost always because I’ve let myself fall into the soup again…

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