The Bliss of Buoyant Beliefs…

Pluto in forward motion once again.

Pluto moved into direct motion this morning; did you feel a shift over the last few days? That’s when Pluto slowed down the retrograde motion preparing for today’s change in direction. It’s like throwing a ball in the air, you see it slow down as it reaches the apex of it’s arc and then almost pausing, it returns to the ground. That ‘pause’ is powerful, it’s like a holding of the ‘collective breath’ and finally a release as it moves again. Each planet has ‘associations’, and viruses are one of Pluto’s. Interestingly, Pluto is invisible to the human eye because it’s so small and so very far away, similarly, viruses are invisible to the human eye because they are so small and although not far away in distance, we can only see them under an electron microscope. Have you seen the movie ‘Ant Man’? Remember when he just kept getting smaller and smaller and arrived in the Quantum Realm? He seemed really really far away but in reality(?!) he was actually still very close, that’s what I mean by a virus ‘seeming to be far away’ but still close. That’s a rabbit hole blog for another time…

“Ant-Man” 2015 – Subatomic, quantum realm scene.

So what does it mean now that Pluto is moving forwards again? Things that were hidden, unspoken, unseen, will come out into the open, into the Light, the virus may let us in on some of it’s secrets whatever form that will take.. With Jupiter fast approaching another conjunction with Pluto which will be exact on the 13th of November, we may see another period of growth and expansion of the virus in some parts of the world. This may sound like bad news but actually it feels to me that this is actually going to unveil much of what has been hidden in a dishonest sense. There has been a distinct lack of honesty and integrity surrounding this event, and I feel that this will be changing soon. The key is to not be attached to anything you currently believe to be true, allow the truth to take whatever form is non-illusory and if it doesn’t match your version of reality, let that be okay. You must be just as willing to be wrong, as you are to be right – or your experience will be one of great fear and suffering.

“I reserve the right to change my mind/opinion/beliefs at anytime I so is my right to reassess any thought I have, any belief or opinion that I share with anyone at anytime.

I am not attached to them – nor they to me.

Information is moving fast now, Truth is rising through the mud to the surface and to the Light – as it does I will run it through my ‘energetic filtration system’ and see what is left once the dross is removed.”

~ Me (Janine Jackson of RavenWing Healing)

I wrote that above quote on my personal Facebook page on July 23rd, it seems appropriate to share here now, to show you that you can and should reassess your beliefs, thoughts, and opinions on a regular basis. Don’t let them become part of your identity because when they are challenged or new information comes to light, you will ‘fight’ to keep them regardless of their validity – why? Because the sub-conscious connects the ‘idea or belief’ with ‘who’ you are, so your very identity is threatened – your EGO is scared of losing itself or becoming ‘less’ than it was. Beliefs need not be static, they can be fluid, organic, and still be just as powerful and sustaining – more so actually – the feeling you get when you discover something deeply and intrinsically True for you, can only be described as ‘blissful’ – you don’t have to carry the beliefs of your parents or peers, it can be restrictive and limiting to simply attach yourself to group paradigms, and the ones you discover for yourself are the opposite, they are soul enriching and expansive to the spirit.

“You must be just as willing to be wrong, as you are to be right…”

So to apply this to current events – so much information is coming from all directions at the moment, media, governments, conspiracy theories, to name but a few sources, and you may choose to gravitate to one or more of their ideas, but I suggest that before you let them into your vulnerable sub-conscious and turn them into a belief that attaches like a malignant growth to your EGO – could you practice ‘non-attachment’ and just let them become possibilities or potentialities?  Free yourself of having to grab hold of a belief or an opinion like a life raft – don’t give away your power to it – keep your mind open and allow whatever comes to flow, and events to happen while you maintain your equilibrium and buoyancy in a world that is deep in transformation.

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