Wow! We Touched the Moon…

Lunar Eclipse 28th July 2018

In this blog I’m not going to explain what an Ascendant is or a Descendant etc, if you don’t know it’s not hard to find out, I prefer to get right to the point and let you research terms you might not be familiar with…

I love a Lunar Eclipse, I think it’s because they’re more ‘accessible’ than a Solar Eclipse. When you watch the earth’s shadow move across the Moon it’s like we’ve actually touched it. If you think of the Sun as Spirit and the Moon as Soul and earth as Matter – which is US, it takes on a whole new meaning. So using these terms, a Lunar Eclipse becomes: Spirit shining through Matter and reflecting it’s Light onto the Soul, interesting that the Light shining through the earth’s atmosphere gives us the Blood Moon – Blood being a symbol of Life on earth. The only way we can gaze safely on the Light of the Spirit/Sun is via it’s reflection on the Soul/Moon.

Like many of you, I felt this eclipse on a deep level – it was the longest Lunar Eclipse of this century so there was plenty of time for it to settle in. It fell on the Ascendant/Descendant axis of my horoscope, (I have Aquarius Rising) and I would have liked to have written this sooner but I felt it better to do it after the eclipse had past so I could relay my immediate experience. Eclipse energies are felt long before and after they happen but in my experience they culminate at the time it occurs and are more easily felt during the event. It’s like hearing about a movie from various different sources, you hear bits and pieces that don’t make sense to you until you see and experience the movie for yourself, then after you’ve seen it you review the memory of it, the memory breaks into pieces again but this time you can file those sections in places that have meaning to you and recall them as you need to when, in turn, you relay your experience to a friend that is yet to see it – yadda yadda yadda and the cycle continues. I guess you could apply this analogy to more than just eclipses…

The day before the eclipse the energy felt ‘heavy’ to me, my tolerance level was low and I would have preferred to retreat into solitude but the day was a busy one so I soldiered on. I have a lot of Aquarius connections in my chart, I consider myself an honorary Aquarian (although my Sun is in Sagittarius) and we do like our alone time, but we also love to feel ‘connected’. I didn’t want to be ‘connected’ on Friday – I wanted to sit on a mountain and watch humanity from there, but with no mountain in sight I relied on a Reiki technique called ‘hara breathing’ to quickly bring me back to my centre which helped me more than once. Then I encountered a beautiful lady who was beaming her wonderful Light to everyone, she was so light and fresh to be around, I felt ‘connected’ again and the encounter restored me. As many of you know, when you plug into your own vibrant nature the Laws of Attraction kick in and other people of a similar vibration come into your field of view – so that’s what happened, I met other shiny, bright Souls that ended up making my day a pretty amazing one…

Then the Lunar Eclipse moved through me, I got up early to watch it and I wasn’t disappointed, it was incredibly beautiful. But more than that, I could ‘feel’ it. The bright and shiny Mars (very close to earth at the moment) took the opportunity to align himself with the Blood Moon and they both shone down an amazing reflection of the RED Leo energy from the Sun through the portal of Aquarius to humanity.

A great way to ‘feel’ the Full or New Moon energy is to meditate on it, I like to see where it’s happening in my Natal Chart, I then visualise myself ‘on my chart’ with the Moon and Sun at either end of my body (for a Full Moon) – you can switch this around as you like but for this one I had the Moon at my head as it seemed appropriate given that it was aligned with my Rising Sign. This one was powerful, the Sun filled my body with it’s Light and it shone RED onto the Moon and Mars out the top of my head! This brings to mind the Root Chakra and I felt the vibration of the colour RED was grounding the airy Aquarian energy and the fire of Leo in my body, and blending the two. Uranus was square this eclipse as well, it’s the modern ruler of Aquarius and freshly planted in the soil of Taurus, it’s helping (in an airy kinda’ way) to ground these energies and at the same time reinforce the Aquarian influences here.

I picked cards during the eclipse from a couple of my favourite decks, you can see them in the picture here:

The deck on the left is ‘Chrysalis Tarot’ by Holly Sierra & Toney Brooks, the middle one is ‘Crystal Wisdom’ by Rachelle Charman (Rockpool Publishing) and the one on the right is ‘Liquid Crystal Oracle’ by Justin Moikeha Asar.

“The Poet” is the equivalent to the King of Swords (air) and “The Companion” is equivalent to the King of Wands (fire) – very appropriate I thought. The card of the Herkimer Diamond relates to ‘Oneness’ which aligns with the Aquarian theme and the Black Tourmaline to ‘Protection’ which aligns to the Root Chakra reference. I loved that the Crystal cards reflected the appropriate energies too.

Combining the cards with the Eclipse energies: be the mentor, the teacher, inspire others to find their connection to all things, seek out time to reconnect to yourself, your Soul – do this through nature, place your hand on a tree and pause…Sense the life force moving through it – the ‘blood’ of the tree – feel your own blood moving through you and then visualise the combined ‘life blood’ moving between you both.

“I have the divine wisdom of the Universe within me and I openly share it with the world”

This message is well placed above the grounding cards, these cards are guiding us to take joy in the inspiration of Spirit, you are safe, have confidence in your own personal power and trust that your Inner Light shines as brightly as everyone else on earth.

Go with Love…

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